By Helena Handbasket – March 4th 2023

It would seem that in our present climate of lunacy that ‘conspiracy theories’, previously ridiculed and labelled as Far-right extremism, anti-vax and domestic terrorism, are being proven correct time and time again, so much so that they can no longer be labelled ‘conspiracy theories’.

The fact is that they are now conspiracy facts; in other words, the blatantly obvious truth of our past, present and future. We truly are in a world of madness.

Crimes against humanity have never been so obviously perpetrated over the past three years and they are still being perpetrated, and yet, the vast majority of the general public are still blissfully ignorant, and frankly, if not more so, indignant that those simply trying to show them the truth of the world we live in are in a global club of Far-right extremists seeking to bring down civilization.

How easy it has been for the criminal cabal to convince the public of anything. They have convinced them that they are a threat, not just to granny, but to the whole world, including the entire ecological system of the planet and all life on it.

Freedom still exists in the minds of the masses who are obliviously blind to the prison walls rapidly closing in around them. They complain about the cost of food, energy and all other perceived necessities (luxuries) of life but they never ask the simple question… Why is this happening?

It doesn’t matter that you’ve tried to explain these things over many years, especially in the past three years of a scamdemic so obvious it beggars belief that a child would believe it; they will not accept anything you say. They are still living in a fantasy world in their own minds and the barricades will not be brought down to allow any contrary information to enter.

For example, since gaining permanent residency in the US in 2019 and after meeting a few people, I started to mention little items which I thought may get their interest. The first one was cars. Americans love their cars and couldn’t get around much at all without them. There are barely any pavements/sidewalks in the neighbourhood where I live and a car is essential simply to go to the supermarket or anywhere else for that matter.

So I started talking about how there was a plan to take cars off the streets ‘to save the planet’ and was quite surprised that virtually everyone I spoke to then, and even still today, don’t believe anything they’re told about global warming. You would think that was encouraging. However, when you ask them how they think global warming became this huge agenda across the world which is being used as justification for all manner of societal change, take car-pooling for example, their eyes seem to glaze over and you are viewed as the mainstream media’s fictitious Far-right lunatic who is asking a stupid question they clearly have no answer to.

When you point out that global warming is promoted on a global scale by every developed country, as a real concern and threat to us all, it seems that even that obvious fact cannot drag them from their stupor of belief in benevolent government; governments who would never conspire against their own people or the people of other nations.

In a diehard Republican state, such as Florida, Joe Biden is viewed as a criminal and literally hated for what he’s doing to the country and yet they still believe in the authority and wisdom of government institutions who recklessly and wilfully continue to destroy their country. They also believe that Ron Desantis is going to be their saviour when he becomes President of the USA in 2024, unless the Trump train derails his campaign. Either way, a Trojan Horse is still a Trojan Horse and Desantis is surely that, just as much as Trump is.

But getting back to trying to convince the mentally numb that they’re going to lose their cars to the global warming agenda; it’s still a hard sell.

At the start of the scamdemic I told people that this was about The Great Reset. I even showed them Schlob’s Great Reset book. As far back as a couple of years ago I was trying to explain what 15 minute cities are all about. They wouldn’t listen and the ‘conspiracy theorist’ tag was applied ad-nauseum.

Now that the proof is there on their mainstream media outlets, they simply want to ignore it, but undeterred I bring it up, bearing in mind previous conversations about the end of car ownership, and would you believe it, some of them think that the 15 minute city sounds like a good thing because they’re getting on a bit in years and don’t go far anyway!

So I say to them…

“What if you’re not too good on your feet and have to walk everywhere to get what you need to live?”

“We’ll manage somehow.”

“Okay, what if you want to visit somewhere outside your 15 minute city?”

“We’ll go.”

“But you can’t go without a permit”


“No, you’ll need a special permit to travel outside your zone and only a limited number per year.”

“Bullshit. If that’s was true I’d just pay someone to take me.”

“What with?”

“What do you mean, What with?”

“Well, I’ve already told you that there won’t be any cash. Everything will be digital currency which you won’t be allowed to just give to people when you want to. Everything you ‘spend’ it on is tracked. You can’t even save it up as it expires after a certain time. And you won’t be allowed to buy what anything you want either.”


… And on it goes. Blissful ignorance and denial of reality on a grand scale, “Bullshit!” being the get out of jail free card played to silence any semblance of the real danger we all face.

The 15 minute concentration camps are on the way for all of us, and particularly here in Florida where Desantis has proclaimed that he wants Florida to be the ‘Smartest’ state in the US, and he doesn’t mean the best educated.

And for those people who would still believe that the 15 minute city agenda can’t happen in Florida, a state where people brag about their freedoms compared to most other states, here it is in Fort Myers.

As an ending observation, if population is increasing in Fort Myers, then how does a 15 minute city help? Surely it will simply become more and more overcrowded as more and more people are squeezed into a limited area?

This is, by definition, a CONCENTRATION CAMP!