Minors also no longer need ‘a medical diagnosis by several doctors of gender dysphoria’ before receiving hormones and surgeries.

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Last week, Spain passed the “Law for the Real and Effective Equality of Trans Persons and for the Guarantee of LGTBI Rights,” enabling minors over age 16 to access mutilating hormones and surgeries without parental consent.

The law, more commonly referred to as the “Trans Law,” allows children to begin taking cross-sex hormones and undergo surgeries in the name of “gender transition” at age 16 with no requirement for parents to consent to the procedures.

The bill was passed in Spain’s congress on Thursday with 191 votes in favor and 60 opposed. Ninety-one lawmakers did not cast a vote.

Teenagers are now able to be legally recognized as a member of the opposite sex by updating their identity papers to match their perceived “gender identity.” Euro News noted that minors also no longer need “a medical diagnosis by several doctors of gender dysphoria” before receiving hormones and surgeries. Additionally, the requirement to provide proof of using puberty blockers for two years before undergoing further life-altering procedures has been removed.

No minor can legally change their gender before age 12. However, as Catholic News Agency pointed out, “the law stipulates that minors must be treated in their various environments in accordance with their expressed sexual identity.”

Similarly, children age 12 and younger are generally barred from undergoing mutilating surgeries, with an exception in place for procedures deemed necessary to protect a child. However, once minors hit 16, parental consent for surgeries is no longer required. Voluntary counseling for those who regret their decisions to undergo mutilating hormones and surgeries is prohibited for the purpose of walking back a failed attempt to “transition” to the opposite sex.

Same-sex couples are also aided as the law paves the way for them to raise children through bypassing civil marriages.

The so-called “Trans Law” was first passed by Spain’s cabinet in July 2021.

Despite a rise in minors identifying as members of the opposite sex and government and medical leaders pushing the LGBT agenda, the use of mutilating hormones and surgeries for children has been proven to cause serious adverse effects, leading many healthcare organizations to lessen or completely reverse their stance on castrating kids.

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