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An open-borders supporter drove a Nissan X-Trail into an East Wall protester tonight.

It’s believed the driver’s name is Stephen Bedford from Coolock who has been seen driving around with a sound system on his roof playing ‘racists out’ on a loop. Earlier today he had described protesters as “dangerous” but that he “knew how to deal with them”.

Bedford is facebook friends with Dean Scurry who is an organiser of the ‘Ireland For All’ rally taking place this Saturday. He follows TD Paul Murphy and numerous NGOs including Fingal Against Racism.

Bedford posted his recording of the attack on his Facebook page which is still up. The video has been re-posted by the Ireland Against Fascism page who remarked:

“It’s something we all would do. It’s like Death Race 2023 but without the blood, gore and death. Fair play to this person”.

Paul Murphy has dismissed the attack as a driver making a “clever (but illegal) move to get where he/she was going”

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