By Bosco – The Irish Sentinel –

With laws soon to be enacted on variances of hateful conduct it is increasingly important to discuss the ramifications of this draconian legislation. What I wont do is inspect the details of the specific legislation, I will leave that to those with more expertise than I. I will however, discuss the nature and substance of hate itself.

Hate can be understood as an intense dislike for something or someone. Hate is not always bad. A healthy society will hate child molestation, rape, the abuse and murder of the elderly, treason, political and media corruption. Hate, properly oriented can be a force for good. Hate turned in on itself can lead to suicide of an individual or even a whole civilisation. Hating a despot is not wrong, nor is hating an invader an action to be denounced. No ancestor hated himself enough to allow an outsider to take his wife, children nor his land. Our survival, at times, was predicated on the intense dislike of actions that cause us injury or even death. Hate has context. A paedophile may hate the person who puts impediments in his way, such that he, the molester, cannot abuse children. The parent who puts safety ahead of the paedophile’s access to their child,, will be driven by visceral hate of the paedophile that will ensure the health and safety of their precious child.

To an invading army, the defenders are hated, to the defenders the invaders are hated. The former hates the latter and vice versa for different motives, to conquer or to defend. Hate depends on who defines what is being hated.

One aspect of the legislation I have to refer to is the subjective element of the behaviour, by the alleged perpetrator that gives teeth to the hate legislation . Subjectivity when it comes to law is quite nuanced but it is even more pertinent these days where the nature of subjectivity has been unshackled from its previous solid moorings. Today, men who have committed rape can with a simple gesture and words declare themselves to be a woman, and demand to be sent to a woman’s prison to serve out their time. There are a whole lot of stupid and cowardly people who are willing to protect that new right. This is the status of subjective deference that will be held as the barometer of an alleged perpetrator’s culpability in the eyes of the law. If the delusionary is accepted to this degree on the basis of subjective belief, then all bets are off when it comes to the rational basis of law making.

It is part of the human condition to hate, or to intensely dislike certain behaviours. We can hate our own behaviours as well as those of others. Some bases for hate tend to be more rational than others. A woman who suffers from anorexia may look into the mirror and hate her body because she perceives it to be fat, whereas in reality the lady is so emaciated she is putting her life in constant danger with each passing day with her purging response. Under this regime of hate legislation could this woman be both victim and perpetrators at the same time? At one time, this would have been considered absurd, but we must frame all observations with the knowledge that it is approved that a male rapist can identify as a woman and be sent to a woman’s prison. The idea of rationality being preserved is no longer sustainable.

I will however indulge in some degree of reason, even if it is to be considered for frivol purposes. Article 40.1 of the Irish Constitution reads that All citizens shall be held equal before the law. This means that the State cannot unjustly, unreasonably or arbitrarily discriminate between citizens. This is important in the whole discussion on hate.

Not a day goes by without the Irish government, representatives of its agencies including the Garda commissioner Drew Harris OBE, expressing hate. As a citizen of the country, I encounter hate very frequently and it isn’t performed by some ordinary powerless citizen but rather by those who hold genuine power, such power that they can conceivably knock down your door at the dead of night with a force of heavily armed police and throw you in prison waiting for trial to be heard by another branch of the government who can send you to prison. Will I, as an ordinary citizen, considered equal under the law, be entitled to cite this hatred and have it recorded? Most likely not.

Not a day goes by where hate than emanates from the well-resourced media machine, that has far more reach than any ordinary citizen, incites and encourages a far wider audience to perceive my views with intense dislike. The same media can capably spin stories and manipulate a general public who pay for their own propagandising, with the backing of wealthy patrons. Will I as an ordinary citizen, considered equal before the law, have hate directed at me, and those like me, to be recorded by the authorities? Most likely not.

Will the Far-right observatory, that is heavily funded and operated by biased ideologues who snitch on political adversaries, be held to account for their hate? After all, these professional snitches harbour intense dislike for people like me and will go so far as to intimidate with threats, threats they say will be realised through the power of the state? Will the members of the Far-right observatory be held to account for their hatred? Most certainly not.

Side, note, there is, conveniently, no far left observatory that is receiving huge sums of funding and with a politically motivated police force to listen to.

Will the NGO’s who not only incited, encouraged but actively campaign to kill babies in the womb, some even dehumanising the little ones be subject to hate legislation? This particular accusation has with it monumental evidence and 20,000 corpses as proof. I, and many other like me, believe, that dehumanising a member of the human species merely on the basis of “wanted” status, and permitting their live dismemberment, is hatred in its purest form. Will activists who sexualise children for their own nefarious ends, causing immense damage to the welfare of children in the process, be amenable to the hate legislation? Again, unlike the illusory consequences of hate directed at those who disagree with this heinous project, here there is tangible evidence of hate. Will the children subjected to gender and queer theory, many minors who will go on to have themselves disfigured permanently, not to mention psychological damaged through the incessant indoctrination of those who are themselves designing the hate legislation, be subjected to the hate laws? I will wager, no.

Will men who dress up in drag as prostituting females (you never see a drag queen dressed up like Margaret thatcher or in a cardigan) who bizarrely want to read innocent children a story (again, what normal guy does this?), or others who walk the streets in sado-masochistic leathers in a parade in front of children, will those persons be subjected to hate laws? They most certainly will not, in fact, they will carefully protect. Pity the same protection isn’t given the children.

As a Catholic, I don’t hate anyone. I do have intense dislike however of certain behaviours. When Catholics such as me, make the claim, say, that sin is wrong. What is our intention? Is it a manifestation of hate? Or intense dislike? In reality, no. It is the opposite. It is the essence of “agape”, or to will the best for someone. For any genuine Christian the pinnacle of existence is to reside with Christ in heaven. Catholics and many others, love others so much they want sinners to abandon their sin so that these people can experience the most what existence offers. It would indeed be hate if we sought otherwise, to embolden sinners in their sin, such that they are denied eternal paradise. The problem with this reasoning of course is that it is rationally founded, and we no longer live in a country where its legal system is founded upon reason. So, no, I don’t hate anyone but I do detest behaviours are very harmful to society, and I do will the best for others who will achieve the greatest eternal existence.

Quis custodiet ispos custodiens, goes Juvenal’s maxim, who guards the guardians themselves, it is understood as the embodiment of political vigilance, how power can be held to account. A legal system that uses biased ideologues, such as the far-right observatory, as a super grass funded to snitch on citizens who hold a different political opinion, is reminiscent of the Stasi in East Germany, not of a Free Republic, especially one whose constitution protects the equality of all citizens.

Under these draconian laws, dissent is framed as a bogeyman, the far right, yet, despite the accusation, the only violence meted out in pursuance of a political objective has been from the left, whether it be antifa, the media ( who can forget woke journalist Joe O shea who wanted the unvaccinated compelled to take poison) or the Irish government and its fake opposition who celebrated the murder and dismemberment of the unborn, who rejoice at the attack on Irish culture, the integrity of the nation itself and on a faith that our ancestors preferred death than renounce.

The key takeaway from this is that true un-adulterated hate exists in this land, in its purest form, but the haters are those architects of the hate legislation, those promoters and inciters of realisable hate with real consequences are those with the only real exercisable power in the State, the political and media classes. With this power, comes corruption, and as Lord Acton presciently declared, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and it does so, it corrupts, the minds and bodies of children, born and unborn, it affixes nefarious but disingenuous labels to women with buggies, calling them far right and fascists.
The hate that exists in Ireland isn’t the imaginary hate that the so called far right observing tout will provide the authorities, no, the only hate that exists comes from those who will find hate everywhere to ensure that dissent to evil is neutralised with the arsenals to bare from a corrupt State apparatus and to hasten the demise of a proud nation, the Irish such that the Irish will be soon erased from their own ancestral lands by the most proficient hater of all.