Bosco who runs both the youtube and telegram channel “Saints and Scholars” with Creda, Marcus and Jimmy will be joining me Sunday night 29th @ 9pm.

Saints and Scholars is an Irish Catholic nationalist channel, promoting faith, family and nationalism.

Bosco is professionally qualified in numerous fields (law, education, counselling) and has worked in many areas such as law (refugee immigration), education, NGOs, etc. He is very critical of issues such as the woke Church, bad clergy, the asylum confidence trick, the charity industry, globalism, communism/socialism, but likes to look at these issues through a wider lens.

Bosco also writes articles for the Irish Sentinel (free online publication). He is a proud nationalist and firmly believes many Irish people have lost touch with their own history.

Please share the link for others to join the chat👇👇👇👇

Saints and Scholars