By Helena Handbasket – January 24th 2023

As you take that final walk in the park with your lifelong labradoodle friend, picking up poop as you go, you ponder how he’ll feel as he slowly starves to death, as per the instructions of animal welfare experts on behalf of Klaus ‘Schlob’ Schawb of the World Economic Forum. But at the same time you console yourself that it’s for the greater good of all labradoodles and it doesn’t matter if they’re male, female or transdoodle; what matters is that you, as a responsible pet owner and animal rights activist, are making room for those lucky labradoodles which are given a government permit and are thus allowed to procreate thereby maintaining the breed in a somewhat limited capacity.

Unfortunately, this is not a comedy piece; it’s an actual proposal by the maniacs of Schlob’s W.E.F.

Not to be outdone of course, there are those who have been advocating and actively promoting the murder of unborn babies to save the planet as a cover for a global eugenics policy which dates back at least a century. I’m talking of course about the global abortion program which now murders unborn babies right up to birth whilst stating that these vulnerable human beings feel no pain in the process as they’re literally carved up inside the womb. It has also been stated that the murder of children beyond birth is somehow legal if you should decide you no longer want a particular child.

This is simply called, in any legal framework, premeditated murder…


Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the foetus’ health. By showing that (1) both foetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.

This is just one example of how the sanctity of human life is treated in today’s ‘progressive’ world.

Here we have an innocent child breathing their first breath out of their mother’s womb only to be murdered by what can only be described as psychopathic maniacs masquerading as medical professionals. Do no harm? Since when was murder of a defenceless human being categorized as causing no harm?

But back to the labradoodles…

Here we have the drip feed of eugenics through the myth of climate change which advocates pet ownership should be abolished by any means possible it would appear, including starvation of existing pets, the denial of veterinarian intervention for illness and no doubt sterilization of new pets, if they’re to be permitted at all. I would doubt it.

So-called ‘celebrities’ would also have you eating your own pet, which you have murdered, possibly in some bizarre spirit cooking, ritualistic manner symbolizing your last meat eating activity.

Not to worry, it’s only your huggable, fluffy labradoodle that’s for the casserole dish. You’ll get over it, or not, but if you’re hungry enough you’ll be persuaded by TV talking heads, so-called ‘animal lovers’, although they mean that in the bestiality sense, that Larry the labradoodle has contributed a little to saving the planet from a non-existent foe, namely, global warming.

So what are you going to eat to save the planet from this mythical enemy when the pets prepped and grilled for the greater good?

Billy the kiddie killer Gates (although he’s gone all out for every age group now) will tell you that crickets and maggots are sustainable and ‘safe’ to eat along with his fake, lab produced meat by whatever production methods he decides you deserve. Perhaps it’ll just be a simple bowl of insect gruel to sustain you up until the moment you vomit it up or choke on it.

Bill doesn’t mind. He won’t be eating it in his multiple luxurious homes and private jet while he flies all over the world claiming that he’s saving the planet from ‘global warming’ or simply the plebs, which is what he really means.

Never fear though, there is another solution to save the planet from a bit of warm weather now and again and it doesn’t include double use plastic bags.

No, you simply have to euthanize granny and eat your own children when you get hungry enough. Sustainability at its best and most efficient for our self-styled and self-proclaimed masters of the universe.

This was being openly touted in 2009.

Now eating children is being openly touted on many platforms as a means of ‘saving the planet’. Books have even been written on this evil ideology. Cannibalism is now a fashionable topic in progressive circles.

Amazon seems to be ahead of the curve on this one with t-shirts and books advocating the consumption of children. I doubt Jeff Bezos with be rolling up at his local fast food store for a baby burger anytime soon though, although perhaps he could justify consuming babies if they’re lab grown, courtesy of his fellow psychopath Billy the Baphomet goat Gates.

Books and t-shirts now available for cannibals….

And, of course, a so-called ‘activist’ pulled a stunt at a political meeting wearing such a t-shirt and proclaiming that eating babies was the way forward to save us from sunshine. The video has been fact-checked by the usual suspects and ‘proven’ to be a stunt. However, we will never really know the truth of the matter, but the fact remains that this barbarism is being brought out into the public domain, for whatever reason. Let’s just say I’m a cynic.

Regardless, it’s true to say that this type of conversation to devalue human life, from pre-birth to death is running amok in all so-called ‘civilized’ societies.

Why not make the case for killing granny and then provide a solution for getting rid of the body? Why not have a go at composting? I’m sure your local garden club will have a brochure shortly where you can decide on the kind of compost you need, whether you need an abundance in these times of rampant inflation, those juicy, blood red tomatoes or some bone meal for your brassicas, I’m sure you’ll find something to do with the old useless eaters once you’ve killed them off.

But hey, it’s not the first time people have eaten their own children. We don’t have to go too far back either. The Soviet Union starved millions to death in a collectivized agricultural system which only served to decimate agriculture. These unfortunate people were driven by hunger manifesting as insanity (what else would make you do such a thing?) whereby they did resort to cannibalism, including the eating of their own children.

And according to some deranged mind at ABC, masquerading as a journalist, cannibalism should be popular… Human sushi anyone?

As we have witnessed across multiple nations in the past three years, or ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ depending on your understanding of basic time, people have been driven to a level of fear and anxiety whereby they have complied with the ridiculous to the outright dangerous with many now suffering the consequences of mental and physical damage to their health, in many cases fatal.

Global warming is, of course, all that’s being spoken about in the circles of tyrants that rule over the vast majority of people on Earth, the plebs or useless eaters, who are the targets of political appointees, climate zealots and pathological liars at all levels of government with none of them were ever truly elected, simply selected for their psychopathic traits and their willingness to follow orders from their masters and beyond to the unelected psychopaths of the World Economic Forum, including Klaus ‘Schlob’ Schawb, the son of a rabid Nazi. Is it any surprise that he and his ilk support the Nazis of Ukraine today?

Cannibalism can clearly be forced upon those weak enough to succumb to it. We have to ask what it is that will make people so desperate to perform such an act; not only the eating of human flesh, but the act of eating your own flesh and blood?

This would seem abhorrent to any rational human being, and it is, but when driven insane by those in a position to drive you insane, what then?

If the notion of eating your own children doesn’t appeal, and I’m sure it doesn’t whilst you can still survive on what’s available in your local supermarket, as bad as the quality of food is these days, then you need to start doing something to avoid even the slightest chance that you could be put in that position, because the people that forced millions do die of starvation under the Soviet regime had the same beliefs as those in today’s world who want to rid the Earth of what they see as useless eaters. Do not think for a second that this can’t happen again; all the pieces, by way of political policies, are being put in place for widespread global hunger.

The question is… Will you be able to look your child in the eye one day with a carving knife in your hand and brutally murder them for your own sustainability or will you wake up to reality and do something about this barbaric and openly evil attack on the sanctity of human life?