By Bosco – The Irish Sentinel –

Vladimir Lenin recruited a special corps of propagandists for what was to become the Communist International. For Lenin, it wasn’t enough to have a communist revolution in Russia, he wanted communism to take over the world, to realise the fulfilment of Marx’s exhortation “Workers of the world, unite!”, this is according to Stephane Courtois and Jean-Louis Panne, authors of “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression,” published in 1999.

Lenin was extremely anxious that unless other countries adopted communism, his own revolution would be doomed to collapse under economic failure. Recognising this, Lenin embarked on something new, new for the time at least: a special corps of “useful idiots.” (The phrase was not coined by Lenin but by economist Ludwig von Mises.) These foot soldiers would push his revolution in every country — co-opting and subverting democratic processes, fomenting strikes, installing secret armies and, above all, propagandizing according to Moscow’s dictates. Some of the ‘useful idiots’ were aware of their complicity, others were not.

I loved the GAA, the Gaelic Athletic Association. As a child, seeing the blood and bandages, or Cork Jersey in a Munster and All Ireland final made the difference between a good summer and a great one. Sadly, I have no interest in the GAA anymore, not since the GAA sold out to corporate interests and many players abandoned the grand association between nationalism and the GAA. The crest or logo ( as it is now a corporate symbol no different to the Nike swoosh or winged motif or the curved “M” of McDonalds) and the All Ireland winners medal were altered, to dispossess the award of its ancestral ties.

This is what globalism does, it is it’s modus operandi. It offers a slice of gold to those so ready to accept it but it comes with a price. Invariably, read a sports journalist twitter bio, especially a GAA one, and you will see a list of typical globalist far left causes. This should come as no surprise as research suggests than most of the “journalists” today harbour liberal left sympathies.

As the mass plantation of Ireland continues, and funding is miraculously found to accommodate it while the elderly go without fuel for the winter, or the hospitals lack revenue to remain effective, the men of Ireland, most of them seemingly, appear wholly complicit in this treachery. At least the bulk of GAA, Football Association and Rugby heads.

Philly McMahon, a GAA footballer who played for Dublin tweeted his support for the establishment over the safety of his community, uttered the usual irrational slurs of “far right” towards those who seek to live in a safe environment. The whole accusation of “far right” is becoming rather tiresome, but if the “far right” means not being stupid, standing up for children, opposing degeneracy, defending your culture and religion, then if these are the markers of being far right, then, I wholly accept it. The opposite must then apply, if you don’t hold these views, you must be on the other side of the fence and support those attendant causes. Under these circumstances I would prefer to be labelled “far right” than a simpleton and a traitor.

The problem with the likes of McMahon and the legion of “yes men” who obsequiously fawned over his tweet, is that McMahon and others rarely engage in the facts. They prefer latching on to emotional outbursts reminiscent of a child who is losing an argument in a school yard might do when he engages in verbal mud-slinging. The “enlightened” McMahon, so called by those bewitched by his piping, is anything but. Instead, people like McMahon, and other public figures demonstrate the opposite and more. They show a distinct lack of courage. It is easy to appeal to a perfectly primed and receptive audience. If he went against the grain, now that would be courageous. McMahon merely amplifies the main stream distortions.

McMahon alluded to his community and how they can be judged, and how seemginly unfair that is, or at least to judge those of his community harshly. What McMahon and his ilk fail to recognise is that judgment is mere assessment. Some people judge rightly, and some feign judgment based on prejudice. The irony here, lost to McMahon, is he is perpetuating the notion of prejudicial judgment on the very people he believed, tended to be judged harshly, the people of Ballymun. McMahon didn’t engage with the reasonable concerns of those protesting, instead, inferred them to be stupid as they were being led astray by the bogey man in his head, the far right. The people protesting do so, as many have identified, not on the basis of race, or prejudice, but rather that a large contingent of young males, who were unvetted, were a potential risk to the women and children of the area.

The slow witted fawning accolades of his twitter followers were quick to congratulate the man, but for what? For judging harshly members of his own community?

The Irony here is that many of the biographies of those responding were your typical football, rugby and GAA fans, all who believe they “stick it to the man”, while promoting corporate Ireland that really sticks it to the ordinary man.

It is hard to fathom the motivation of people like McMahon and his aficionados, “men” who seem to unbelievably ignorant of the facts and human nature, all we can do is speculate and like all speculations we can get it wrong but, I would argue, all one has to do is a bit a research online, the connections they’ve made and you will begin to understand why some people promote certain views.

News that many may be unawares of concerns the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, many may not care about the circumstances, but they would be making a monumental mistake. Information is beginning to leak out, one disseminated by a high ranking Italian officer, now retired, Brigadier General Piero Laporta, overheard a US official of the highest ranks brag that the NSA ( US National Security Agency) would force the pontiff into retirement. The US deep State has overthrown over 60 countries since world war two, it constantly meddles in the affairs of foreign countries, including democratic ones ( then again, is democracy merely a means of astroturfing, providing the illusion that the “people” direct governance, or, in fact are the “people” primed in the first place by those in power to give back what they engineered to be given back all along, that discussion is for another day). I mention this information because it must be the lens in which we see the current mass emigration.

Of course, the media will never ever investigate, largely because they are owned by the same interests pushing certain globalist narratives. The evidence for this? There is plenty, you just need to get a head out of the Kardashian and Football transfers to see it in plain sight, but it is quite evident. In fact, it is so evident that the doyen of the left, Noam Chomsky wrote several detailed books on the manufacture of consent ( a term borrowed from Walter Lippmann in ‘Public Opinion, in 1922). Chomsky describes the vested interests of those who manipulate the news.

How does this relate to people like McMahon? Well, McMahon presents himself as a man of his community but in reality, either known or unknown to him ( only he can honestly attest), is that he and his pied pipping tweets are facilitating the very machine that far leftists like Chomsky tried to expose. One can only conclude therefore, in my opinion, that the likes of McMahon, is aware of this and is fine with the corporate takeover of his community through manipulated population change, or he is reckless in not thinking for himself. Again, I don’t know his intentions, I can only speculate.

I have been beating this drum for quite some time now, humans are not innately rational, we are first and foremost emotionally directed. I have mentioned the work of Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio before. Damasio holds that emotion is crucial to making decisions because not all of the decisions that we make can be reasoned out. Damasio discusses the “somatic marker” (p. 173 of his book), which is a basic, emotional response, a “gut reaction”, to things, and this somatic marker serves as a guide to making decisions. Damasio gleaned this information on his work using subjects with physical damage to the section of the brain that regulated emotion. Those with cerebral injury in these areas, he discovered, found it difficult to make even the most elementary decisions.

Not to reiterate my long-held views again, but it explains also why greedy corporations (corporations willing to kill millions to make a profit) would defray billions on advertising every year, constructing those marketing devices using techniques of influence, is because those strategies work. Despite investing billions in advertising, the corporations yield even more on account of their influence. The influence of advertising is largely emotional, and political ideas, as the father of modern public relations Edward Bernays discovered, could be manipulated as well as means to shift a product.

The absurdity of today is that many working class people, people who would believe that those with wealth manipulate their communities, now vote, in droves, for parties led by privately educated socialists. Mary Lou McDonald, Ivana Bacik, Paul Murphy and Richard Boyd Barrett, all of them attended fee paying private elite schools.

So, just like Philly McMahon, or indeed the Limerick All Ireland Hurler with his Black Lives Matter badge on his helmet, think they are “sticking it to the man”, are in fact sticking it to their own communities and doing the bidding of corporate interests, why? No one truly knows, except themselves, or maybe they don’t think that much to even know they don’t know, who knows.