There are few of us that would argue that the leftists have much of a stable psychology at all. But there is a factor of their psyche that is glaringly consistent among the entire leftist population.

That factor is a predilection for no responsibility.

Identity Dixie –

It is not just that the leftists are irresponsible, but that their entire philosophy revolves around desiring absolutely no responsibility in their personal life. They simply don’t want to have any responsibilities for anything.

While this is true in every leftist, it is especially prevalent in the Antifa types.

Consider just a few of their positions:

  • Pro-abortion—Desires no responsibility for sexual activity. Can have sex with no commitment attached. Doesn’t matter what happens, they can just kill their own children to not face any repercussions.
  • Covid—Desires the state to mandate everyone to stay at home, to inject their seventeen boosters, and on what they must wear over their own face. If the state tells them what to do, then they don’t have to do a cost/benefit analysis, think critically, or figure it out themselves. They also do not have to worry about whatever anybody else is doing.
  • Expert/Authority Worship—In a similar vein to the above, the leftist desires to always blindly trust the fellow leftist “experts” without any hesitation. They do so because they don’t want the responsibility to have to figure it out themselves. They just blindly Follow The Expert™.
  • Policing/Crime—Desires minimal consequences for crime, defunded police, and no strong law/order. If crime has lax enforcement and police are weakened/useless, then they do not have to face responsibility for their criminal behavior.
  • Family—Desires no strong family. If there is no nuclear or extended family structure, there is nothing they have to be responsible for their own marriages and children. They also then do not have to be responsible to their own parents and relatives. They are solely responsible to themselves.
  • Secularism/Subjectivism—Desires no faith in God. If there is no God, they don’t have to be responsible to God’s law.
  • Guns—Desires no guns (or any self defense at all). If there is no ability to defend oneself, they don’t have to feel responsible to defend themselves or their companions. It is out of their hands, because it is illegal.
  • Welfare, Universal Basic Income, Socialism, Etc—Desires asinine levels of welfare or a Mommy State. If the state provides all of their needs, then they have no responsibility to provide for themselves.
  • Environment—Desires the state to mandate environmental controls (Hello, Greta). If the state fixes climate change, then they don’t have to do anything about it personally. Most of the craziest leftists have been yapping about not being able to do anything in their own personal lives to “do enough” to offset carbon emissions, which is why they now protest governments to do it. In reality, they just don’t want the responsibility of it themselves. They just want others to force it on everyone.
  • Social Equality—Desires mandated equality for all. No hierarchy; no natural order. Obviously, if everyone is equal, then they have no responsibility for their own socio-economic condition. It’s all directed by someone else, so they can’t possibly have responsibility over their own life position, earnings, job, social connections, etc. They even now use this argument to justify their current societal position. It is never their fault, it is always the fault of society.
    • This also applies to the blacks and “reparations” (no responsibility to improve their own life. It is just whitey’s fault forever). Along with other “disadvantaged” or “not privileged” persons.
  • Anti-White (for the white leftists)—Desires racial “equality”, or minority supremacy. If they are against their own people, then they surrender their responsibility to fight for their tribe and defend their own. They rely only on the individual or the collective.
  • High Taxes, Many Regulations, “Fair” distribution of wealth—Desires to financially equalize everyone. If economic functions render most people similar in earnings, then they have no responsibility to the marketplace or to their careers/jobs, as everyone will make proportionally similar amounts no matter the effort or work put in. They will no longer feel inferior in their working position or with their working outcomes, if they even work at all.
  • Healthcare—Desires universal healthcare as a human right and ‘body positivity’/no responsibilities to health. If healthcare is right, then they have no responsibility to do anything for it. They can continue to be three hundred pounds and get free ER visits whenever, because it’s their right and it’s not their fault they are disgustingly overweight and unhealthy.
  • Education—Desires free education on all levels, directed by the state. If they get free, linear government education, then they have no responsibility to go learn things themselves. They just follow the guidelines of the Ivory Tower.
  • Immigration—Desires an open border. If never-ending hordes of migrants can come in and out, then they have no responsibility to their own people, nation, state, or anything else.
  • Drugs—Desires all drug legalization. If all drugs are legal, then they are no longer responsible to the law for using them, they are no longer responsible for their addiction or quitting the vice since it’s state-approved, and they are no longer responsible for any negative effects it causes in their lives.
  • Voter ID Laws—Desires no voter IDs. If there are no requirements or steps to get a voter ID, then they don’t have to be responsible to do anything to get a voter ID. They don’t think they are responsible enough to get or keep it, so they don’t believe others like them are, either. Which means they, as a whole, will be disenfranchised due to their known irresponsibility.
  • Tolerance (or the libertarian “live and let live”)—Desires to tolerate everything, even the most degenerate activities. If they can just tolerate everything (besides our intolerance of their tolerance), then this removes their responsibility of ever having to disagree, stand up for something virtuous, or have people angry at them. They no longer have uncomfortable conversations with people heading down the wrong path. They can just tolerate every path.

[As an informational note: I am not arguing that all of these positions are inherently bad or incorrect. I actually agree with some of them, such as ‘defunding police‘ (federal) and ‘high taxes‘ (on the isolated class). It is about the underlying root philosophy that leads one to the position. The leftists reach these beliefs because they do not want responsibility. Others—like myself—could favor certain positions for entirely sensible reasons.]

Put simply, the leftist wants someone else to take care of them in every single avenue of life, so they don’t have to do it. This is why they generally favor Big Gov, and have no issue with the state directing their every action. They want that state daddy, probably because many of them never had a good relationship with their birth father.

In their dream utopia, they have no responsibilities. Someone else does everything for them. That way, they do not have to feel bad about being irresponsible, because there is nothing that they are supposed to be responsible for.

Any policy that makes the leftist personally responsible for anything is the enemy.

The leftist does not see this psychology as a bad thing. They justify it in their heads by creating this worldview that everyone is, or should be, exactly like them. If they aren’t, then those people must be trying to exploit everyone else. The leftist then views anyone that is opposed to this position as someone who wants to harm them. Because they don’t believe that anyone truly wants to be in a free condition. Everyone then needs a caretaker to defend them against these exploiters and strip them of responsibility. So, why not let the state do it?

This is also why they believe they hold the moral position of “compassion”. Because they don’t see it as domination (which it is), but rather sympathy (which it isn’t). They mistake the two, because they themselves would find it compassionate to be dominated, so they are absolved of responsibility. They do not grasp that others, like us, are fine with duty and obligation.

And therein is why the “personal responsibility” argument does not work on the leftist. You are arguing in favor of their archnemesis.

-By KaiserIdentity Dixie