Aontú leader says Sinn Féin is considering governing with Fine Gael.

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Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has seen his party eclipse both People Before Profit and Labor in recent polls, garnering 4% support and is the fastest growing party in the country.

Asked about Aontú’s growth, the former Sinn Féin TD said: ‘It’s extraordinary. We won 55,000 votes during the last elections, more than PBP. We have 1,300 members and six elected reps from Derry to Wexford, with 60 functioning cumann across the 32 counties. We are the fifth-largest party, according to a recent Sunday Independent poll,” reports Independent.

Tóibín left Sinn Féin to found his new party on the abortion issue.

Asked if he wanted to form a coalition with his old party, he said: “It appears that Sinn Féin is considering governing with Fine Gael.

“After 11 years of a record housing and health crisis, this would be a serious mistake. This is not change. Aontú will not put Fine Gael back in government under any circumstances,” he said, reports Independent.

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