Ireland’s ruling Green Party have been left humiliated after their exhaustive efforts to spitefully ban the decades old Christmas crib tradition in Dublin.

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Each year, the Irish Farmer’s Association prepares for farm animals to form a nativity scene in Dublin, normally with the assistance of the Lord Mayor.

With homelessness rising alongside inflation and serious crime, the Green Party decided to try to score a cheap win by attacking the tradition. This cheap stunt was coupled with efforts to rename Christmas in Dublin as ‘Winter in Dublin’, as though rain and cold was ever something to bring joy to people, least of all the thousands left homeless by the Green Party’s regressive political policies.

After believing that they had succeeded in banning the crib scene from Dublin last month, a Green Party Councillor made sick taunts telling opponents ‘they can bring back dancing monkeys & put a real baby in the live crib or whatever’.

The Green Party comically quoted a fringe ‘animal rights’ group with anti Catholic elements as evidence for closing the crib, despite reputable organisations stating that the crib was a rare opportunity for city children to come across farm animals.

The crib will be installed at St. Stephen’s Green this Christmas, with a lame generic secular themed attraction taking place at the Lord Mayor’s residence. The latter has mostly attracted poor reviews thus far while the former is being awaited with anticipation by those in Dublin.

In a statement today, the IFA wrote:

A firm Christmas tradition and beloved institution for many, young and old, the Live Animal Crib will be back from Thurs, Dec 8th in a new, central location in the heart of the capital.

This year, the Summer House in St Stephen’s Green Park will provide shelter to a donkey, two sheep, and a goat, gathered around a scene which captures the nativity story that unfolded in Bethlehem over two millennia ago. 

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