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The people of Wicklow Town, taking example from the courageous East Wall community in Dublin, are planning their own rally to oppose the migrant plantation in the Garden of Ireland this Saturday, December 3rd.

Last week it was revealed that the Grand Hotel in Wicklow Town, which became a Direct Provision Centre in 2018 is having the families who were living there have been shipped out to make way for hundreds of male asylum seekers RTE reported.

With the recent high-profile rallies in East Wall, where the locals are likewise objecting to the plantation of hundreds of migrant men from the Middle East and Africa, the community of Wicklow are seeking to emulate their success.

The viral image advertising the protest reads:

“Ireland First
Traitors in the Dail are flooding OUR communities with 1000s of UNVETTED males from around the world. Yet we can’t house OUR own people?


Rally in Wicklow Town,
Fitzwilliam Sqaure,
Saturday November 26th

Join the people of East Wall and all around Ireland.”

The Liberal