By Helena Handbasket – November 21st 2022

In an era where it’s akin to political suicide for those, particularly on the so-called ‘left’ of the political system, to state clearly what an adult human female is, in other words a woman, we should be clearly able to define what an adult human female is not.

Clearly, and quite unambiguously, a grotesque, adult human male in a dress, in other words a perverted man, is not in any shape or form or inherent mental state a woman. It should be obvious that biology is indisputable when it comes to the sex of any species in the animal kingdom, the caveat being of course that there are certain species (not mammals) which are capable of being both sexes. That is simply how nature has worked in those specific cases for whatever reason.

However, animals do not decide, after speaking to their local mad scientist teacher or head-shrinking ‘psychiatrist’, that they want to have their sexual organs removed to become something they are physically and mentally incapable of doing, particularly the young ones.

Enter the Drag Queen…

A so-called Drag Queen is no more than, as previously stated, a grotesque cartoon caricature of obscenity masquerading as ‘entertainment’. When not grooming children in local, publically funded libraries, these perverts are strutting their obscenity on the floors of gay bars and other such disreputable establishments. Many are convicted sex offenders, particularly against children whilst many events are admittedly to groom children, presumably to accept paedophilia as somehow ‘normal’.

But of course, Drag Queens come in all shapes and sizes including those useless sportsmen, who dress up as highly successful ‘sportswomen’ who claim to be women just to satisfy their ego that they are somehow superior at whatever sport takes their fancy by gaining an advantage due to the fact that they are bigger and stronger than their female counterparts. However, some are so useless they can’t even achieve that status to satisfy their ego’s demands.

But when it gets so ridiculous to the point where disgusting fat men are taking the top prize in women’s beauty pageants, you have to wonder what goes through the minds, not only of the so-called judges of such farces, but the actual real beautiful women who take part in good faith thinking they are ‘competing’ on equal terms with their peers. It seems that they, as women, have given up all the positive achievements gained over the past century.

They even applaud as a grotesque, ugly, obese, pervert mad in a frock is deemed to be more physically appealing than a real women to the ‘judges’ who it has to be said, possibly frequent the types of establishment in which these Drag Queen types flaunt their ugliness to gay men.

How else can it be explained when these perverts are chosen as ‘winners’ over genuinely beautiful women?

In women’s sports, men clearly have a physical advantage over their female competitors, but in a beauty contest there is NO comparison between such people and the genuinely beautiful female competitors.

There is clearly something else going on here and the adult human female is the victim.

Genuine ‘feminism’ is dead.