By Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

I’m dreaming of a united Ireland
Without Irish people living there
Where Palestine’s more important
With new sharia law courts and
LGBT parades everywhere

With the world cup looming it might be apropos to highlight a severe calamity in the West, the emasculation of men. Growing up in Ireland I was raised on the exploits of Cuchulainn, the bravery of St Oliver Plunkett, the passion of Padraig Pearse and humility of generations past who practiced duty over self-interest. While the existence of celebrity in western culture is long ensconced in our history it must be admitted that its modern carnation has taken on a life of its own. It was once considered dishonourable to abandon one’s family in search of self-gratifying pleasure. It was also deemed shameful to fail in virtue towards those believed to be requiring protection.

I watch professional sport less and less now. The men who participate in these games earn vast sums and can represent the pinnacle of fitness and athletic prowess yet, behind the sheen that pretends the vision of masculinity, is found a profound effeminacy. From rugby to association football, from Gaelic football to hurling, it is hard to locate genuine heroes. Now, it could be the case that sportspeople were never heroes in the first place. To grind and sweat while pursuing some inflated artificial bladder around a field, is scarcely an adventure in real heroism, even if the feats involved required discipline and tenacity. Perhaps heroism, much like “legend” status is too easily awarded. These days every retiring sportsperson is apparent a “legend” when they might have been average at best.

During the abortion debate, the likes of ex rugby players Brian o’Driscoll, Trevor Hogan and Rob Kearney and many others came out in favour of baby sacrifice. The same sex referendum saw actors like Colin Farrell and Liam Neeson lend their names to a hyper sexualised ideology. Many of these men are considered “masculine” yet all demonstrated the opposite of courage when they publicly supported cultural ideologies that are now as mainstream as they are destructive. Real men would swim against the current, and braver still would do so when the current is cheered on at the waters edge.

Over the weekend, Brodie Retallick, a 6’ 7 inch rugby New Zealand rugby lock wore a rainbow mouth guard, England captain Harry Kane will apparently wear a rainbow armband at the world cup, the Dutch football manager has said he intends to talk about migrant workers rights and the Denmark team have said they use every opportunity to talk about political and social causes that the Qatar regime ignore. None of these issues takes courage to talk about. They are all establishment talking points. Hypocrites like Gary Neville and Gary Linker, both multi-millionaires incessantly talk about left wing causes, causes again that form part of the cultural hegemony.

The far leftist embezzlement scam, also known as the ‘black lives matter’ movement, was quickly adopted by many sports stars. Bar a few notable characters, many of them black e.g., Wilfried Zaha, who refused to take a knee, most millionaire footballers chose to do so. Apparently, if they didn’t the already “set for life” athletes, couldn’t take the risk that they couldn’t add more to their undeserved bank balances. Consequently, they took the knee but went fully prostrate for their corporate over lords. It could be considered the biggest collective sodomitical event in sports history, and each footballer who took the knee willingly participated in dropping their pants, all in the name of money too, so add mass prostitution to the charge.

What many in the nationalist community get wrong is to conflate skin colour with virtue. There are many non whites who act courageously and virtuously. While these people will never be Irish, those living in America, Africa or elsewhere are themselves playing their part in fighting the good fight. Similarly, there are many white Irish, many of them so called “sporting stars”, and feted by the culture, have behaved like cowards.

A couple of years ago, Australian rugby union player, Israel Folau made a pro Christian comments on his twitter page, regarded by those on the left and the mainstream as “homophobic”. Folau was soon ostracised and lost his career. Folau refused to back down. Folau incidentally was of pacific island extraction and so, in theory, a minority, but a minority who had strayed outside the plantation so he lost his minority protections. Folau showed far more masculinity that all the aforementioned sports stars. Folau stood by his principles and was destroyed while other sports “heroes” and “legends” looked on. Folau you see, was a man, he swam against the tide and was hated for it Bravery is doing something when you are afraid, but you do it anyway, because it is right to do so. In the West, and in particular in Ireland, we have few men, but those few men who act like men, are genuine heroes, they are legends in the making and their heroism emerges from simple action; maintaining true to one’s convictions even when the world hates you for it, even your own family and community.

Even in institutions that are compelled to fight the good fight, certa bonum certamen, have been eclipsed by a diluvium of effeminacy. Rcently a retired priest Fr Sheehy, had the temerity to speak faithful Catholic moral teaching, and n a Catholic church of all places. The media response was swift and anticipated- condemnation. The priest’s bishop reply? A statement, that I believe was dripping in cowardice. Now, there are those who will say the prelate’s response was prudential, I would opine it was simply a genuflection to the culture and an exhibition of unbridled spinelessness. The timidity of those bishops who remained silent was just as audible. A man drowning in the sea with two observers, one wilfully rebuking the troubled swimmer for his annoyance of the sea, the other remaining indifferent with his silence, both are equally complicit in the tragedy that will soon foreseeably unfold.

As an Irish Catholic nationalist, I can look to real men like FR Griffin who was murdered and tortured by the black and tans, or FR Hugh Mullan and FR Noel Fitzpatrick, disgracefully forgotten by most Irish men. These men gave the ultimate sacrifice for their communities. The likes of the Bishop of Kerry is the exact opposite to the masculinity shown by these brave clerics. Lamentably, many seem to believe the faith of our fathers is properly represented by the likes of the Bishop of Kerry, when in truth, those martyred priests accurately exemplify a faith founded upon the ultimate sacrifice.

The disciplines of courage, duty, perseverance, sacrifice are all considered masculine traits. It should come as no surprise to see exceptionally effete men in government like Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar and Eamon Ryan. Those waiting in the wings, Sinn Fein are even more emasculated. Any “leadership” that cowers to foreign influence, is subservient to manipulated trends that are harmful to society, that genuflects to evil, and fears truth and virtue, is a “leadership” devoid of masculinity. Can you imagine the villages of Ireland when they were assaulted by the Vikings, and if the men folk behaved as they do now? Can you imagine if the men extoled by today’s culture were around in 1916 when men were called to the trumpet sound of freedom? The answer is so obvious I needn’t speak it aloud.

As a Catholic, I can look towards Christ, who reminds us all that if we are hated, He was hated first and most of all, for He is still despised. However, like many of our ancestors, who had nothing while possessing everything, we can stand up straight, receive the slings and arrows directed our way, but be content in the knowledge, that we act as we were intended to act, as men.

Don’t look to the world cup for heroes unless genuine heroism emerges. Real heroism honours the soul but destroy reputations in a wicked culture.

General George Patton put it best “ duty is the essence of manhood”, duty to whom you might ask? That answer too is obvious, but I will say it- God, family and nation.