The Burkean – Dr Declan Hayes –

Men, women and children from East Wall, Ballybough and North Strand gathered in their hundreds to protest outside the nearby Old ESB offices on East Wall Road today, which has been transformed, literally overnight, into a military style barracks for scores of male economic migrants of military age. As potentially hundreds more of these men are expected to establish headquarters in nearby Holy Cross College before Christmas, there are grave concerns about what this bodes for the women and children of the area, who were addressed by Councillor Neil Ring, community leader Malachy Steenson and some other familiar faces from the area at the protest.

Though they all spoke well, the community’s fears and concerns were best expressed by the mothers and young women of the area themselves. Having seen the terror these foot soldiers of the asylum industry unleashed in Killarney and Wicklow, they have grave and well-founded fears for their safety, fears many of the men present, including some large chested members of nearby Corinthians Boxing Club share.

Whatever about Kellie Harrington’s old stomping ground of Corinthians, the Queensbury Rules do not apply here. These young men were smuggled into their billets at dead of night and those stragglers, who crossed the protesters’ path, were quite aggressive, telling the concerned women and their children that they came from Planet Elf and to mind their own business. Just as in Killarney and Wicklow, it seems that these characters will be not only noisy neighbours but very obnoxious and downright dangerous ones as well.

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