Late Stage Ireland (Telegram) –

Over 60 locals gathered outside a former ESB office block on the East Wall Road in Dublin City tonight after a bus load of single young male asylum seekers were seen being dropped off at the building. Some of the locals said they had been told that Ukrainians would be moved in.

On Monday, the Irish Mirror reported that Minister Roderic O’Gorman’s Department of Equality was in the latter stages of negotiations to bring the building on stream to house refugees.

The building has the space to house 300 to 400 people.

“It is a pretty modern building so it would be pretty easy to convert that. It could set a precedent that office blocks are a possibility.”

However, it’s unclear if the Department has sought planning permission.

While temporary protection applicants such as Ukrainians can be housed anywhere, it’s not the case for international protection applicants which the men appear to be.

Mattresses for the men were seen being delivered later.

The locals say they are planning a protest tomorrow at 2PM.