By Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence to achieve a political end. Terrorism is largely associated with fringe groups with nonpopular support. Organisations from the IRA here in Ireland, to ETA from the Basque Country to AL Qaeda, have all been anathemised as terrorists. It would be true that the aforementioned organisations do, in fact, use violence to achieve a political end and therefore satisfy the definition for terrorist organisations. However, if the definition rings true, then it must follow that any political movement that uses or attempts to use violence to achieve political ends should be understood as satisfying the criteria to be labelled a terrorist.

It will come as no surprise to find that extreme leftist groups like Antifa, should be considered terrorists. After all, they use violence very regularly to achieve a political end. The irony here of course is that Antifa calls everyone else who might differ from their globalist sycophancy to be “far right”, a designation, that automatically incurs the epithet of “terrorist”. A second irony here of course, is that no violence, not a jot, has come from the so called “far right”. At the time of writing, Antifa attacked and injured members of the National Party in Fermanagh, the latter attending a private function as Ard Fheis. The newspapers, propagandists for the globalist status quo, who were reporting on the incident were quick to attribute to those injured, a pejorative term “ far right” to actual victims of terrorism.

The application of “terrorist” however, beyond the obvious application to Antifa, could be equally applicable to the Irish State itself. It could be argued that the Irish State, or at least, its political class, operate as a terrorist organisation. There are two essential components to the definition: political motivation and violence. The political movement aspect is rather obvious to apply given the fact that the movers and shakers within Ireland who can wield even a modicum of power, emanate from political party structures.

The second component requires more elucidation. In law, agents act vicariously, or in substitute for their principal. An example of a state agent are the gardai and the armed forces. As agents of the state they perform duties as commanded by their principal, the Irish government. When the Gardai and Irish armed forces behaved atrociously during the Covid lockdown measures, with their complete compliance to draconian laws, they acted as agents of their principal, the state. As more and more data emerge with regards the Covid scam, it is apparent now that the agents of the state, the Gardai and the Irish armed forces, behaved in means equivalent to violence against certain members of the general public, otherwise known as those who rejected the despotic measures.

Violence can be defined as behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage or kill someone or something. There is little doubting that several agents of the state unjustifiably used physical force against members of the general public, with an intention, or a mens rea rising to reckless disregard for the safety of others.

However impugned must the agents of the state be in acts of violence, the Irish Government and their propaganda wing, the Irish media, must also face scrutiny. One could also argue that opening ones borders to allow a deluge of foreign men of fighting age to roam the country, to be given vittles’ and shelter is an act of violence waged against the Irish nation. More obvious acts of physical force, albeit not personally performed by the Irish political class but sponsored and incited by them is the live dismemberment and mutilation of Irish babies, all butchered with the obvious intention to kill on a mass scale. A political party that campaigned to dehumanise and kill thousands of innocent babies is as culpable as a person who hired a hitman to kill someone. The hitman in the case of abortion is the Irish medical profession but the hit was hired by the Irish political and media classes. These acts of violence are perpetrated to achieve a political objective or end, to make Ireland a subservient vasal of the Globalist coterie that demands acquiescence at every level.

The assault on the Irish nation doesn’t stop with abortion or mass immigration. It continues with a malignant feminism that ironically opened the door for a petulant but dangerous LGBT agenda, culminating with an idea that ultimately attacks women, transgenderism. Eighteenth century French journalist Jacques Mallet Du Pan originated the concept of a revolution devouring its own children and so those in power provided the impetus as well as the means to ensure a radical feminism would be victorious. This radical feminism has all but led to the destruction of the traditional family, abortion, and the rise of social contagions such as transgenderism and sexual degeneracy. The facilitation of this political violence was aided and abetted both by either incompetence of the political classes or by design, with the complicity too of an extreme leftist bias within the media.

The perpetual attack on Irish sovereignty, encapsulated in the treacherous comments of a sitting Taoiseach “we want nothing to do with a backward looking sovereignty” was an assault on the memory of Irish patriots who suffered and achieved that so called “backward looking sovereignty”.

They are indeed active terrorists in Ireland, and they don’t come, or will ever likely arise from the so called “far right” but do exist in number and intensity not only in the actions of far left simpletons but also in the corridors of power on this island.