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In a dramatic escalation of tensions, Ireland’s ruling Green Party are to stage an anti Catholic picket outside a Church in Listowel that criticised ‘government legislation’ in a sermon.

According to media outlets in Ireland today, many of whom employ journalists who write favourable coverage of the government in order to secure well paid jobs in future with Ministers of State, the government will picket the church this Sunday.

The Green Party’s Diarmaid Griffin has said of the government’s picket: ‘‘This event is in response to a sermon on October 30th made by Father Sean Sheehy that preached transphobia and homophobia. It will be a silent event that wishes to provide an opportunity to those who empathise with those mentioned in the sermon and wish to act in solidarity with the rainbow community in Kerry and throughout Ireland’’.

The sinister event comes in anticipation of new anti free speech laws from the party, which will be designed to send critics such as Father Sean Sheehy to prison.

Father Sheehy’s cardinal sin was not ‘homophobia’ nor ‘transphobia’, but to use two words, ‘government legislation’.

Beauty pageant winner and former Defence Forces Reservist Maria Walsh, who is now an MEP, has demanded that the church explain its disciplinary process for Father Sheehy to the state. Bilderberg member and occasional visitor to Xi Jinping and the Ayatollah, Simon Coveney, has demanded an apology for Father Sheehy criticising government policies.

The tactic of picketing churches in Ireland was started by Protestant terrorists in Harryville, Ballymena in the 1990s, led by Davy Tweed, an Irish Rugby International and Orange Order member who was jailed for sexually abusing children.

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