By Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

As most people would be aware, a priest who gave a sermon in Listowel, Co.Kerry has made international news. He made international news for being a Catholic priest, giving a sermon pursuant to Catholic teaching, in a Catholic Church. It so happens that the substance of the sermon ran counter to the values of modernity. The Catholic Church, not by some moto proprio, believes that the dismembering an innocent third party in the womb of a woman is sinful, or when two men engage in sodomy, or two women and whatever they do, the Church also considers the intentional mutilation of children to be sinful conduct. All of this is based on solid scripture and used to be uncontroversial, until now. Nowadays, to dismember a baby alive is apparently “a mercy”, at least according to Hollywood actress Ann Hathaway, it is even to be labelled “compassionate” according to the far left. In addition, to progressives like Hathaway it is a human right to intentional dismember a live baby and throw them into a waste disposal unit. However, miraculously, if someone like Hathaway merely utters a magic phrase “I want to keep the baby”, the clump of cells, that could have been discarded, automatically becomes “ a baby” and every safeguard is employed to protect the child. It’s a miracle!!

What is ominous about the Fr Sheehy affair is how the media were so quick to lambast Fr Sheehy for being “hateful”. A few miles up the road, to a mosque, even stronger views are held on issues like homosexuality, and the media are silent. The Catholic Church asks sinners to “go and sin no more”, and if they continue to sin, they can go to confession and keep trying. Islam, well, we know what happens to homosexuals in Islamic countries, including the west bank and Gaza, facts that pro-Palestinian and pro LBGT Sinn Fein/mi5 conveniently ignore. Despite the fact that Fr Sheehy is being judged by those who cry out “do not judge” is one extra dimension to this whole farce that is calculatedly omitted.

Another relevant issue concerns the pathetic cowardice of Fr Sheehy’s bishop, Bishop Browne who offered an apology to the world for a priest’s sermon that was wholly Christian. Fr Sheehy you see, doesn’t hate those he called out, he loves them so much he doesn’t want them to sin and by not sinning you get to see God. Whether you believe in God or not, that is the position. The Bishop, however, seemingly doesn’t want sinners to repent and go to heaven because he is too concerned about how his reputation will look to people who will always despise him and the Church he represents. Browne, in my opinion, is like a parent who yields to the will of a toddler who wants chocolate for dinner. A real parent will accept the tantrum for the benefit of caring for their child so that the little one will be properly nourished. That is real “love”. To cave into the tantrum which will detrimentally affect the child’s welfare is an expression of hate, why? because such laxity is not done in the interests of the child but rather to reject the tantrum of the infant to satiate the serenity of the parent with the tantrum’s absence. Therefore, prioritising the need for the parent’s comfort over the necessity to do what is best for the child.

Sadly, for the few remaining faithful Catholics in Ireland, we already know that most of the hierarchy are a melange of cowards, frauds and charlatans, bar the occasional exception. It seems now a condition to promotion to be an effeminate weakling with a generous sprinkling of cowardice. Of course, the hierarchy will engage in mental gymnastics trying to curry favour with the secular world who despise them no matter what the bishops say, but these prelates will continue compromising one giant leap at a time, eventually falling over the cliff to their destruction.

A greater dilemma emerges that is on the horizon, marching closer and closer- the new hate speech laws. Will priests like Fr Sheehy, who merely remain faithful to the Christian creed be considered amenable to the rigours of the law, under the impending hate speech legislation? Are we now in a position where penal laws have returned in full where to express not only Catholic, but orthodox Christian belief to be subject to fines and imprisonment? Will Muslims be treated the same? I would doubt it given the fact Fr Sheehy’s faithful sermon has made news, while in every mosque around the country the same, if not far worse, is stated?

Most people know at this juncture that the hate speech laws will be, like everything else in a corrupt state, applied differently against those who reject the globalist causes of abortion, LGBT and immigration. We know that any Z list celebrity, media personality, politician, or academic can spew as much anti Irish, anti-nationalist, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian rhetoric and be wholly congratulated, and even receive an award or a government grant to continue with their intentional bile. Of course, we know too, that dissecting alive innocent babies in their thousands because they happen to be “imperfect” in the eyes of some, or “unwanted”, isn’t going to be considered hateful, or the destruction of a nation, the abuse of history, the neglect of borders, or treachery will not be considered “hateful”. No, what is hateful in modern Ireland is to be a Catholic, to be an Irish patriot, to want to be a mother and father, to want your children to remain innocent for as long as they can before they have to endure a world of run by lunatics and psychopaths ( the children, as they mature, will have ample time to be adults, and will yearn for those moments of now lost innocence to retire mentally, even briefly, for some nostalgic sustenance, to remind them of a kinder experience contained within their childhood).

There is no doubting in my mind that Ireland is at a precipice, between good and evil. Our people have become blind to the past, and the sacrifices made for them only to squander the future for others yet to come. Men like Fr Sheehy, if he sticks to his principles will be considered favourably by those honest historians in the future, as a flawed man, as we are all flawed men and women, but one with integrity. But, heed wisely one marketeers slogan which should remind us all of how terribly close we are to losing our faith, nation and kind, for as Harvey Norman advertises “once it’s gone it’s gone”.