Resistance is growing across Ireland to the ongoing migrant plantation agenda with the native Irish of North Tipperary no rallying to the cause.

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There are plans now for a Dublin based property group to acquire 12 thatched cottages in the centre of Puckane village, which were built in the 1960s and fill them with asylum seekers Tipperary Live reports.

The small town of Puckane has a population ot less than 250 people and this new migrant plantation would see 70 alleged refugees settled there for a start.

This would put unbearable pressure on the tiny village’s public services while fundamentally altering the character of the charming Irish town.

Meanwhile, local representatives have described the purpose built holiday rental accommodation as not being equipped to accommodate asylum seekers.

Regardless of local opposition, the government are likely to grant permission for the property group to proceed with the migrant plantation of Puckane, which will prove extremely lucrative for the group as it will be financed by the Irish taxpayer.

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