By Helena Handbasket – November 2nd 2022

I recently started my 4th year doing seasonal work for a major corporation; a corporation fully on board with the ‘diversity/climate’ agenda, although not so much on the ground locally in Florida where much of the climate fraud and LGBTQIP+ perversity is largely scorned and ignored.

At our first day of orientation we were warned that we would have to take our training manager seriously when he came downstairs to meet the crew. My alarm bells went off thinking, “Surely they can’t expect us to take a freak in a frock seriously?” But thankfully, he was only dressed up in a Beetlejuice outfit for Halloween and all went well.

However, it got me to thinking, “What if it had been a freak in a frock?” Could I have really taken it seriously? I somehow doubt it and doubt that my fellow seasonal crew would have done either, but hey, it’s not an easy job and we all need the money, right? We would have had to have taken it seriously, which again got me to thinking, “What will we be expected to take seriously in the coming months and years?

I expect we’ll be led down the path of the Chinese model with a completely brainwashed society which will accept any absurdity just to get by with no cognitive ability to argue against what is clearly falsehood and deception.

However, there will be a sizeable minority, a growing sizeable minority, whose cognitive ability, combined with instinct and the urge to survive, will resist any such brainwashing and simply blend in with the mob whilst maintaining their own sanity as the majority succumb to the global mind control system fully functional in China today.

The obsolete, otherwise known as the ‘elite’, will already have a good idea of who and how many resistors there are amongst the general population and will have no choice but to take those people out of the game in any way they can. However, my own view is that they will want to keep those people alive who have resisted them as they will likely be the only fit humans left to do their dirty slave jobs. The majority of the population will have already been disposed of through voluntarily having themselves injected with a substance which basically makes them sub-human or non-human, despite the opinions of Yuval Noah Harari’s including his contention that such tampering with human life is beneficial to our survival as the human race.

We have to remember that this psychopath has openly stated that he and his degenerate ilk at the WEF have no use for the majority of the human race and that a mass culling would be the way to go to get rid of the useless eaters on planet Earth.

Furthermore, these lunatics have no intention of ‘improving’ themselves through trans-humanism, despite their gloating malevolence that they can play God with the rest of us. They will remain the ‘wild men’. We should know this to be true as these parasites already see themselves as Gods to be worshipped with the self-given right to control, and indeed to slaughter, the rest of us. They will not be tampering with their delusional, Godlike status.

But we should not despair at the rapidly approaching future. It is indeed a tangible opportunity to assert ourselves as the real wild men and women of this planet we inhabit, albeit with a variety of human problems to overcome. But haven’t human beings done this forever? Why should we allow a group of disgusting criminals to determine what it means to be human at all?

They don’t know the answer to that question themselves because, being psychopaths, they have no human traits worthy of humanity. How else could they openly brag about murdering billions of real human beings without any human emotion except for the gleam of madness in their eyes as they gloat over such a possibility?

We should ridicule such grandiose insanity to the point where it is a ridiculous fantasy.

We are on the cusp of the biggest transformation of human society in millennia. They call it ‘The Great Reset’.

We need to call it The Great Reject and cull these monsters from society by whatever means we have at our disposal. Only then will the wildness of real humanity come to the fore and I doubt very much if it would ever again find itself in such a precarious and deadly scenario.

Once purged from the human race, such parasites and their maniacal ideologies will cease to exist so long as we know what to look out for thus making a total transformation of human society possible, on our terms, to ensure that real human civilization, with all its human traits, problems and differences, will prevail.

We must grasp this opportunity. It could well be our last.