Transhumanism, traceability, and the great reset agenda: perspective

The technological framework is laid to track and trace every person, purchase, and protein on the planet with the potential applications of invasive technologies championed by the World Economic Forum’s great reset agenda.

People who know they are being constantly monitored behave differently than those who don’t.

In today’s digital world, almost every citizen is aware that their online activity is being monitored, but not everyone knows the full extent, nor are they fully conscious of how track and trace surveillance can manipulate their behavior.

“Authoritarianism is easier in a world of total visibility and traceability” — WEF Global Risks Report, 2019

For those in the “too long; didn’t read” category, here are some key observations dissected in this article:

  • The Preamble: Tracking and tracing can be complementary to transhumanism by way of biometric sensors that can be implanted in the human body, and/or via synthetic, biological alterations to farm and lab-grown food that people eat
    • The People: Tracking and tracing people in real-time via smart devices, wearables, and implants (Internet of Bodies [IoB]) can allow intimate health, geolocational, and behavioral data to flow between public and private entities, which can grant access to, or restrict a person’s ability to use essential goods and services
    • The Purchases: All financial transactions can be tracked and traced digitally (Central Bank Digital Currencies, Distributed Ledger Technology), and the power to purchase/access essential goods and services can be altered for any individual at the flick of a virtual switch
    • The Protein: Food grown in farms or labs (Traditional and Alternative Proteins) can be tracked and traced along the supply chain where every ingredient that a citizen consumes can be monitored and accounted for, while biological alterations to the food source itself may have the potential to change gene function on the opposite end of the pipeline 
  • The Possibilities: The ability to fundamentally alter what it means to be human can be achieved through biological and/or technological means. All data (anonymized, compartmentalized, or otherwise) can be consolidated into a digital identity that is unique to each individual, which can give public and private entities unfettered access and insights into the mind, body, and spirit of every person on the planet, who can then be manipulated, coerced, or incentivized into changing their behavior

This is how public-private collaborations are technologically able to track and trace every person, purchase, and protein on the planet and manipulate human behavior.

The Preamble

On the surface, the WEF agenda appears benevolent in its desire to tackle some of the greatest challenges of our time, but the solutions it proposes via a great reset of the global economy and societal contracts have all the ingredients necessary for techno-totalitarian world governance.

Behind every publicly-facing good intention to tackle whatever crisis-of-the-month it decides to focus on (i.e. COVID-19, climate change, digital exclusion, poverty, etc.) lies a framework that has the potential to lead humanity down a path of complete authoritarian control over the whole of society.

“Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty–and their privacy—to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability” — Rockefeller Foundation hypothetical pandemic scenario, 2010

With agendas such as the merger of humans and implantable devices (transhumanism and the IoB), the adoption of centralized ledgers for every financial transaction (digital currencies), and the application of sensors embedded in farm and lab-grown proteins (food traceability and synthetic biology), every person, purchase, and protein on the planet can now be tracked and traced.

Data pertaining to the most intimate details of our lives can be shared across interoperable public-private databases and platforms, and in combining massive biometric data with supercomputing power, humans have become fully hackable, which means our behavior can be manipulated physically, consciously, or subconsciously, to the whims of whomever controls the data.

The People

Contact tracing and vaccine passports are two recent incarnations of track and trace applications currently being used for mass surveillance and a restriction of citizen movements that threaten fundamental human rights.

The Internet of Bodies “might trigger breakthroughs in medical knowledge […] Or it might enable a surveillance state of unprecedented intrusion and consequence” — RAND Corporation, 2020

WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab famously predicted that the Fourth Industrial Revolution would lead to “a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities” — transhumanism, in a word (see video below).

 “What the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities” — Klaus Schwab, 2019

While contact tracing apps and vaccine passports launched in the COVID era have come in both digital and paper form, there is a growing ecosystem known as the Internet of Bodies that is fusing the human body with an abundance of sensors that can relay personal data across interoperable networks — a new era of transhumanism.

“It’s now time for the Internet of Bodies. This means collecting our physical data via devices that can be implanted, swallowed or simply worn, generating huge amounts of health-related information” — WEF Agenda, 2020

Before the term “Internet of Bodies” became the popular nomenclature, it was briefly referred to as the “Internet of Me” — both are terms that draw on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept and expand it to include the human body.

“The internet of me loosely refers to technology which connects our minds and bodies with the online world. It transforms our biological and cognitive life into streams of data which can be monitored, shared and shaped,” according to a WEF agenda post from 2015.

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