John Mooney, the journalist and relay point for British and Irish  intelligence agencies, said something rather interesting on a recent episode of his podcast The Dark State with Ciaran O’Connor of the ISD. 

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Mooney claims that the emergence of “right-wing extremism” in Ireland (of which there has been precisely zero attacks and zero foiled attempts) is high on the priority list for Garda Headquarters, and that the leadership of An Garda Síochána has dedicated “significant resources” in establishing who exactly are the players, organisers, and motivators of the emergent dissident right. This is in addition to the already deployed Special Detective Unit

This is not new information, given that already the NSU was name-dropped, but merits further inspection and a brief introduction to those unfamiliar with the name. The NSU is the National Surveillance Unit and deals with all the operational aspects of running surveillance operations – they’re the men who sit outside your house and will be the men bugging your house once you say the wrong thing online under new hate speech legislation.

Themselves and their sister branch were responsible for monitoring anti-GFA republicans, and they surely kept themselves busy – running moles and turning a blind eye to criminality by their paid informants.

In his book, “Black Operations: The Secret War Against the Real IRA”, Mooney elucidates on some of the goings-on within the organisation though, expectedly, glosses over the crimes perpetrated by the group – while Mooney dedicates pages and pages to speaking about the atrocity at Omagh, only a couple paragraphs are given over to the action of some of the same detectives – the framing of innocent people for crimes, planting evidence, and extortion, the manufacture of explosives by Detectives and their “seizure” as IRA explosives in order to implicate someone as an informant (knowing precisely how the Republican community has historically dealt with touts). 

The Morris Tribunal claimed the careers of a Chief Superintendent and three Superintendents. This is not ancient history either – the Tribunal’s final report was only submitted in October 2008.

From the treatment of Liam Campbell, and his obviously politically motivated extradition to Lithuania on the demands of Mi5, show the long-lasting memory of the intelligence agencies and the venom with which they will pursue anyone who embarrasses them – Mooney claims that the rocket attack on MI5 headquarters in 2000 was attributed to Liam Campbell’s organising.

Indeed Detective Sergeant John White, who Mooney calls the man who “changed the fortunes of the Real IRA”, was himself the subject of no less than three of the five reports – once for inducing someone to become a witness, another for planting explosives at a telecom mast in order to have protestors arrested under Section 30, and another for planting a shotgun to arrest seven individuals. He then convinced three other members of AGS to lie to have him acquitted.

The same organisations which had no compunction about beating confessions out of supposed members of the IRA, planting evidence in the form of ammunition or explosives on individuals, or paying criminals cash to turn rat, are now looking at you as an extremist – is it truly far-fetched to believe that intelligence agencies, particularly ones stewarded by RUC men whose organisations buried information that could have averted the Omagh bombing, will resist the urge to manufacture a violent “right-wing extremist” incident? 

While we can laugh at the apparent self-awareness of an operative like Aoife Gallagher thumbing her nose at us and thanking us for reading her book, keep in mind that the people you are dealing with are dangerous and unscrupulous actors who will act with the impunity of the State and if their dirty actions are ever revealed, they’ll be acquitted or retire with their pensions. For every dirty Garda like Mr. White who is named, there’s another who remains in the shadows.

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