In Canada, informed consent to medical interventions – including vaccines – is the law. The same is true in the US, UK, EU, Australia, and New Zealand. But these governments, along with corrupt drug regulators, are now running roughshod over what were once sacrosanct laws prohibiting misleading and coercive medical procedures, and instead have unleashed a multibillion dollar media campaign of fear and mass-panic designed to pave-over the right to informed consent.

In reality, claims of “95% efficacy” are wildly exaggerated, as pharmaceutical firms and governments have cleverly used the highly misleading “Relative Risk Reduction” numbers – while omitting the true “Absolute Risk Reduction” number which is actually less than 1%. Therein lies the heart of the vaccine deception. This is explained in the video presentation below.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance supports Informed Consent. Here is what you need to know. Watch: