By Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

The Irish Times is a paper historically associated with the ascendancy class. Launched on the 29th of March 1859 it was notorious for being first, a Protestant nationalist paper. However, within a matter of decades, and under ownership, it had become the voice of British unionism in Ireland. The editorship of the newspaper from 1859 until 1986 was controlled, as was everything else in the country, by an Anglo-Irish Protestant minority. Only relatively recently in its history did it appoint its first Irish Catholic editor. Mind you, calling any editor of the Irish Times ‘Catholic’ would be misleading to say the least. It would be like calling Sinn Fein a nationalist party.
According to the unreliable Wikipedia, The Irish Times is considered a paper of record, which is risible given its blatant appeals to rhetoric and biased commentary in the direction of globalist and internationalist attitudes. The only record it keeps is its ability to promote interests contrary to the Irish national ideal. The vast majority of its propagandists tend to be a collection of woke, champagne communist, progressives. Even the few who comment on Catholicism tend to be of a very far left variety. Who can forget Patsy McGarry’s article on the Easter rising, calling the event “immoral and anti-democratic”. McGarry would say that, a hundred years later in the comfort of his office when all the hard sacrifice was achieved by the same people he derided.

Recently, another contributor to the Irish Times made his feelings aware. Mark Twain apparently has stated “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to talk and remove all doubt.” And it is a pity that Trevor White didn’t keep his embarrassing “thoughts” to himself. One can speculate that Mr White is the type of new man that needs to air his feelings and so he did, regrettably.

White is apparently an author and playwrite, but he is to be most associated with being a food critic and a museum curator of sorts. It seems that the Irish Times have to resort now to food critics to inform their progressively inculcated readership of history and political matters. One can only imagine Mr White at a well dressed table of a restaurant, pondering the machinations of geopolitics whilst fishing his skewers into the cascading cheese of a fondue fountain.

White’s tour de force concerned the rise of Sinn Fein but in the context of their failure. White expressed the idea that a failing Sinn Fein might leave the door open to the favourite bogeyman of Irish media- The far right. White and his fellow travellers never define what they mean by “far right”, which is always convenient. However, they predictably tend to refer to Hitler or Mussolini somewhere as they set up their hit piece. In White’s case not only did he mention Mussolini but the blueshirts of General O’Duffy. It couldn’t be an Irish Times propaganda piece of course without the usual sprinkling of anti- Catholicism, a favourite garnish of the progressive establishment writing “The founder of the blue shirts was a bigot and hypocrite. Anxious to embody the tight-ass moralism of Catholic Ireland”. It was interesting that White mentioned tight-ass, moralism and Ireland in the same sentence given the current trajectory of modern Ireland.

There seems to be a measure of projection going in the little mind of Trevor White he was writes about O’Duffy “finding bogeymen in every corner”. In all his impulse to express his unbridled feelings, White, like many of his peers, seems to have abandoned rationalism. White, as is typical of many a globalist fanboy, refuses to look in the mirror before he spouts his nonsense, perhaps because if he does, he might fear what he’ll see staring back at him. White’s diatribe went further, referencing David Duke and the American’s congratulatory statement upon the passing of the Irish citizenship referendum which put a dent in the globalist’s vision of a multicultural Ireland. White needn’t have been so offended, as the globalists managed to do as they always do, and sidestep the issue by using a corrupting asylum system to facilitate the invasion instead. White, you see, and his ever so morally righteous cadre, will only object to the consequences of mass immigration if the problem settles on their well-manicured lawns.

White does however, grant Sinn Fein an hors d’oeuvres of credit, citing the communist globalists commitment to multiracialism, but he falls short in giving them his vote. Oh how terribly bourgeois of him. In a fricassee filled with the usual side salad of rebukes- the delicious dregs and buffoons, White finally plates up with an accusation of xenophobia.

White, it seems, has an appetite for the absurd, telling a story that doesn’t bare any resemblance to the truth. The Irish Times, and its tapas of propagandists, those poorly disguised journalists, exemplify a tight assed morality all of their own, one that Irish men and Irish women for centuries had to endure. The propagandists’ tapenade offer a lubricating sauce made from privileged hubris, ignorance with a nice dash of distilled stupidity.

Render down the invective, and what remains is a reduced and concentrated bigotry presented as a compote of fake concern. In reality the very people who demand justice for the weakest in our society, dismantle that justice, they go as far as to dehumanise those who ought to receive it, whether it is the unborn or the right of the Irish people to exist as a distinct ethnic group in their own land. The black activist Malcolm knew it when he saw the sinister motives of white liberals and their disingenuous virtue.
The black activist said, “There are many whites who are trying to solve the problem. But, you never see them going under the label of liberals.” Malcolm X rightfully recognised the fox in the chicken coup, that the White American who identifies as a liberal is the most ‘dangerous’ and ‘deceitful’ thing in the Western Hemisphere.
His likening of the white liberal to a fox, which unlike the wolf, deceives its prey, is as apt today in Ireland as it was in New York in 1960. In other words, Malcolm X suggested that the ‘liberals’ who claim to be the ones fighting for the rights of black Americans is in fact exploiting them for their own benefits.
While the Irish Times, and many of its contributors, feign outrage over racial injustice, they are the first ones to foment it. While the propagandists in the Irish media are revulsed by racism they engineer it, and in the most despicable form you can get. You see, Trevor White, in his abject ignorance, fails to recognise the right of the Irish race to exist, to have its borders protected from self interested foreigners. But then again, a fellow traveller of White, Patsy McGarry wrote brazenly to sully the deeds of our heroes when all the fighting was done. So well done, it is lies 100 years away in the safety of the past.

The historical record shows that the Irish Times was a periodical for the ascendancy ruling classes, that it promoted an agenda most often portraying causes contrary to the interests of the Irish nation. Well, it seems that the record continues unabated, and it is now out in the open, its hostility to everything Irish resting on a rack like an apple tart freshly baked from the oven, waiting for the heat to dissipate before it is served on a plate for the ravenous. One would hope that Trevor White’s taste buds are more refined than his political commentary, or perhaps, White should just stick to writing about batter burgers and mushy peas.