By Bosco – Irish Sentinel Contributor –

For those of a certain age, or addicted to watching TV Gold, an acquaintance with one particular TV show is quite common- Only Fools and Horses. A situation comedy set in Peckham London, involving the chicanery and comedic machinations of some cockney hustlers became one of the most successful programmes on TV during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. A penchant for introducing whacky and idiotic characters, the show contained a regular moron called “Trigger”. Trigger worked for the local council as a street sweeper and in one memorable episode set inside Sid’s Diner, Trigger informed his friends of an achievement received, recognising his dutiful employment history with his faithful sidekick, his one and only sweeping brush which he proudly displayed to his friends. Trigger was adamant that he performed his job over the lifetime of his employment using only one sweeping brush stating
“I’ve maintained this broom for 20 years. This broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time”.

The joke of course is restatement of a famous Greek conundrum called Theseus’s Ship. The philosophical quandary pursued in the conundrum asks can a ship be considered the original vessel when all the parts are replaced and then at what point does it become a new ship? The story told describes Theseus, who owned a ship and the ship was entirely made of wood. Every time a piece of the ship needed replacing it was replaced with a metal part. This went on for a few years until eventually it was entirely made of metal. The question asked then Is the metal ship of Theseus the same ship as the wooden ship of Theseus? It raises some interesting questions. Here however, I am more concerned how the issue relates to Irish nationalism. How so?

Imagine a country with a distinct people and those people exhibit a particular way of life and from their lives, lived through generation upon generation, arises a culture that expresses certain values, attitudes and behaviours to a shared but unique island established by the natural boundaries of the sea. Admittedly, the native population confront invasions, but invasions are by definition unwanted incursions into the land of another. Some invasions are more successful than others and even the most successful invasion (successful for the invader only) still results in the survival of the indigenous people. Invasions are resisted and persecutions arise on account of such resistance. These persecutions become scared into the memories of successive generations, forging, and reaffirming their national identity. The historical accounts of a people, albeit found in the past, live on through the stories, songs and identity of those whose lines they succeed. For every man and woman, she is not only a unique individual but shares in common with her ancestors their scars even if those wounds have been bequeath on an emotional level over some physically inherited phenotypic mutation.

While those inhabitants experience their lives on particular soil, forests, bays and hillsides, and those lives are contoured by that landscape, it is the essence of the people is what gives that nation its particular and unique identity. Separate the people from the land and the nation is extinguished. The landscape becomes just that, landscape, even if it is a beautiful unique landscape, but a mere landscape, nonetheless.

Remove the Irish people from the Irish nation culminates in a non-Irish nation remaining. Sinn Fein, and most of the other parties, wish to present a distortion to the, regrettably, consistently docile and mentally lazy populace, that if a united Ireland were to arise it would take on a distinctly new persona. Sinn Fein have been vociferous in their calls for a new multicultural Ireland. They don’t try to conceal their plan nor are embarrassed by it, The opposite, they publicly sell it without reserve or inhibition.

Writing for the communist paper “ An Phoblacht”, chairperson of Sinn Fein Declan Kearney wrote the following in February 2021
“Sinn Féin is absolutely committed to helping achieve that ambition through progressive public policy and legislation, a rights-based, multi-racial and multi-cultural Ireland” (

Millionaire and privately educated leader of communist Sinn Fein admitted the following in the McGill Summer School
“North and south Ireland is a modern, globalised multicultural society” (

The irony here is that McDonald, when commenting about the previous enforced plantation of Ulster concedes
“Demographic change cannot be reversed. The Genie is out of the bottle. We have a young and progressive population. Change is coming. As political leaders, the question for us is, how do we shape this change?.”

Now, one can conclude McDonald to have an extraordinarily low IQ or, she is being intellectually dishonest given she concedes that the previous plantation (Elizabethan and Jacobin) is done and dusted, that there is no reversal, that the “Genie of out of the bottle”. Yet, McDonald and the party she leads are intent on engineering a modern genie to be released from its sizeable mass immigration bottle, one that can be fastened shut, its cork firmly set in, but instead of twisting it closed she and the party she leads agitates the bottle aggressively to get every last drop of Genie to emerge and change Ireland forever.

The millionaire far left leader of Sinn Fein advocates for every measure that will have a detrimental effect on Irish replacement rates which currently stands at an alarming 1.7 ( for a population to be sustained it requires a 2.1 replacement rate). McDonald’s party of course were instrumental in the baby butchery campaign that has already consigned over 8000 Irish babies and their descendant lines, to oblivion. Meanwhile, she extols the naturally sterile lifestyle of LGBT. Moreover, she supports the rise of Islam within Ireland and the large families they will foster, them, unhindered and protected from sterile LGBT propaganda and abortion of course. It comes as no surprise that the most senior Islamic cleric in Ireland, Dr al-Qadri ensured that his trojan horse entity the Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council distributed a special guide for Irish Muslims promoting repeal the eight amendment. The approach, he warranted, was to protect women, which is rather risibly ironic given Islam’s appalling track record concerning the rights of women, which is visible to all. No doubt Al-Qadri was well aware that it wouldn’t be Muslim women seeking abortions but radically sexualised Irish girls. We also know, from Yasser Arafat to Gaddafi that Muslims have a tendency to use higher birth rates as a means of settling a territory. Gaddafi famously stated in 2006 that Islam would conquer Europe without even firing a shot, referring to a policy of outbreeding native populations. Arafat too had declared “the most important weapon of the Arabs is the “Arab womb”. So while the native Irish population declines through planned policies of abortion, LGBT and climate change hysteria, immigrant birth rates will climb, eventually to out breed the natives.

The other oddity with “anti- imperialist” Sinn Fein is their full throttle support of global imperialism through LGBT inculturation. Sinn Fein seem to be one of those entities, familiar in political circles, that speaks out of both sides of its mouth. After all, how can one be fully supportive of LGBT and Islam at the same time? Anyone with a functioning brain is well aware of how Islam deals with sodomy. Ask a Palestinian Arab what they should do to a homosexual and the answer won’t surprise anyone other than, maybe, Sinn Fein’s Fintan Warfield. It is hard to decipher whether the Sinn Fein political leadership are intellectually slow or just dishonest.

Ask any tourist when they arrive to Ireland and the phenomenon they desire to experience is not necessarily the scenery, but the uniqueness of our people and culture. To dilute the population and eventually destroy will mean the Irish nation will disappear. What Sinn Fein and other traitors to the Irish nation want to achieve is a united island, absent the IRISH.

McDonald and Sinn Fein are the Trigger of Irish politics because they think, just like the Only Fools and Horses Character, that by replacing an essential component with a new one results in the original subsisting, but this is patently untrue. By removing the Irish from Ireland, Ireland disappears. The island may exist, but what makes the island, Ireland, are the Irish. Every viewer who watched the scene with Trigger, praising himself and his broomstick, laughed because they knew intuitively what he said was absurd. So too the creators of the show. They wrote the character of Trigger to represent a mixture of childlike innocence and stupidity. This is where the comparison ends with McDonald and the party she leads. McDonald is not child-like nor innocent. She knows exactly what she is doing and so do her political peers. As regards the slow wittedness of those who vote for Sinn Fein? That is up for debate and the debate seems almost concluded to affirm the accusation.