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Members of the leftists terror group “Antifa” showed up with rifles to “defend” a “Drag queen” show for children in Texas last week.

The hate group has thrown its support behind exposing children to homosexual men dancing and gyrating while dressed as caricatures of scantly clad women.

Independent Journalist Andy Ngo, himself a victim of Antifa violence in the past, documented the Antifa lunatics support the targeting of children tweeting:

A group of armed #Antifa members came to Roanoke, TX to support a drag queen event. The local chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, an #Antifa militia linked to domestic terrorism, led the call to direct action. It is headed by Christopher Guillott & Garrett Lee.

Leftists in Western countries have ramped up their activism targeting children with sexualisation and transgenderism ideology in recent months with many governments, including members of the Irish government supporting this degeneracy.

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