You may find some of the following claims initially hard to believe. But we can assure you that each and everyone has been extracted from official Government approved documents.

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If you are willing to read on then you are about to stumble on the most comprehensive selection of evidence that proves Covid-19 vaccination is in effect causing mass depopulation, and your Government knew it would happen.

We will reference each and every document for you to “fact check” the claims yourselves.

Here are the highlights of the evidence…

Evidence of Depopulation

  • Official Government reports prove tens to hundreds of thousands of excess deaths are being recorded every single week all around the world when compared to the expected five-year average;
  • Official Government reports prove 1 in every 73 Covid-19 vaccinated people were sadly dead by the end of May 2022;
  • Official Government reports prove the Covid-19 injections are at least 75x deadlier than every other vaccine combined;
  • Official Government reports prove mortality rates per 100,000 are the lowest among the unvaccinated in every single age group;
  • Official Government reports prove it takes just five months for the elevated mortality rate among the vaccinated to be realised;
  • Official Government reports prove Covid-19 vaccination weakens the immune system
  • Official Government reports prove over 9 in every 10 Covid-19 deaths in 2022 have been among the vaccinated population;
  • Official Government reports prove birth rates are falling and newborn baby deaths are hitting critical levels;
  • Official Government reports prove Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of suffering a miscarriage by at least 1,517%;
  • Official Government reports prove Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of developing cancer.

Evidence your Government knew it would happen

  • Confidential Pfizer documents reveal 90% of Covid-19 vaccinated pregnant women lost their baby but your Government and Medicine Regulators chose to ignore the data;
  • Official Government documents prove both Pfizer and Medicine Regulators hid the dangers of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy because the limited animal study performed found an increased risk of birth defects and infertility;
  • Confidential Pfizer documents reveal the Covid-19 vaccine accumulates in all parts of the body, including the ovaries, and cases of ovarian cancer are now at an all-time high;
  • Confidential Pfizer documents reveal evidence of autoimmune disease and Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease, but your Government and Medicine Regulators chose to ignore it
  • Confidential Pfizer documents reveal tens of thousands of reported adverse events and thousands of deaths in the first 90 days of the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. But your Government and Medicine Regulators chose to ignore it.

Excess Deaths

Europe is recording excess deaths against the 2016-2019 average on a weekly basis and has been all year.

The following chart is taken from Eurostat’s website and shows excess mortality across Europe for the month of June 2022 –


Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union, responsible for publishing high-quality Europe-wide statistics and indicators that enable comparisons between countries and regions.

It was a similar story across Europe in May 2022 as well –


We’re also seeing thousands of excess deaths every week across England and Wales.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) publishes weekly figures on deaths registered in England and Wales. The most recent data shows deaths up to 12th August 2022.

The most recent week shows that there were 10,355 deaths in England and Wales, equating to 950 excess deaths against the five-year average.


But this is a trend that has been occurring since the end of April 2022. The following chart, created by the ONS, shows the number of deaths per week compared to the 5-year average since the beginning of 2020 –


The following chart shows the total number of deaths between the week ending 22nd April and the week ending 12th August compared to the five-year average –

The data used in the above chart has been extracted from the 2022 edition of the Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales can be downloaded here or accessed on the ONS website here.

In all, there have been 181,885 recorded deaths since the 22nd of April. But the five-year average number of deaths, which includes the year 2021 where excess deaths were recorded all year, equates to just 161,830 deaths. This means there have been 20,055 excess deaths in England and Wales since the end of April.

1 in every 73 Vaccinated People were dead by May 2022 in England

The following chart shows the overall number of deaths following Covid-19 vaccination in England between 1st Jan 2021 and 31st May 2022 based on the figures provided by the ONS –

Source data

The following chart shows the total vaccination uptake vs the total vaccination refusal in England per dose –

The data in the chart has been extracted from page 65 of the UK Health Security Agency Weekly National Influenza and Covid-19 Surveillance – Week 27 – report,

Therefore, based on the fact that 44.48 million people had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in England, and 606,537 deaths among the vaccinated, this equates to 1 in every 73 Covid-19 vaccinated people having sadly died by the end of May 2022.

Covid-19 Vaccines are at least 75x deadlier than every other Vaccine combined

The UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that over a period of nineteen months the Covid-19 Vaccines have caused at least 5.5x as many deaths as all other available vaccines combined in the past 21 years.

This means, that when compared side by side, the Covid-19 injections are a shocking 7,402%/75x more deadly than every other vaccine available in the UK.

The UK Medicine Regulator revealed in response to a Freedom of Information request that they had received a total of 404 reported adverse reactions to all available vaccines (excluding the Covid-19 injections) associated with a fatal outcome between the 1st January 2001 and the 25th August 2021 – a time frame of 20 years and 8 months.

The UK Medicine Regulator also revealed that by July 13th 2022, they had received 2,213 reported adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines associated with a fatal outcome.

Source data

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