When people ask me “Lily, why are you so mad about all that is going on?”, I often do not know what to reply. For me, all the lies, the inconsistencies, the taunting derision with which they are enacting the most pointless idiotic policies in human history upon you are painstakingly obvious.

A Lily Bit (Feb 22) –

But then I remember that very few of you have actually ever thought about this, and—let’s be honest—most of you still are not. So, I will summarize it now in a way that is easy to understand.

You clicked on this article because somewhere deep down, there is something inside you trying to speak up. Something that understood that something is very, very ‘off’.

Even when you are not actively paying attention, you might have heard about young and seemingly healthy athletes fainting or even having heart attacks. Maybe you hear about all the people who are—as the media claims—dying “suddenly and unexpectedly”. Perhaps you have heard about the quarantine camps in Australia, and maybe you have taken the effort to research more about this just to realize how unpleasantly similar these structures are to facilities during the darkest moments of our recent history. And maybe something in your head or in your gut says, “These things do not add up anymore. These things are wrong. Why is the media not reporting any of this openly and honestly?”, but you are probably unable to put your finger on what it is. Or why this is happening. And that is why you are here.

However, all these things are not even actually important. These things are symptoms of a problem that is much bigger, much more complicated. All these things are just small dots on a giant graph of things gone terribly wrong.

There comes a time in your life when it is your civic duty to put aside the console controller, the booze, and the drugs and think about the world for a moment. Many people have never done and will never do this. And this is one of the main reasons why we are where we are today.

Even now, it is easier for you to comply. You know that all of this is idiotic. You know that you — as a probably healthy and young individual — do not need a vaccine — especially not in order to “regain” your fundamental and basic human rights that they took from you. Furthermore, you know that this vaccine does not help at all. Still, you go and get the third booster, and you will take the fourth just so that you can ‘keep living your life’.

But what is this life? Where do you think will this lead? How do you imagine your life and the ones of your loved ones in a few years time? Have you ever even thought about this? Probably not.

As you are constantly pretending that the vaccine helps you ‘rebuying’ your old life, you are paving the way to the most radical and far-reaching restructuring of our society in history. And not to the better. Your self-deception that you can sit and wait for it to be over is lethal. You will never get your old life back. But why is that?

When you look at the giant Babylonian tower that is social media, you will find so many people who believe that they know exactly what is going on. They and only they understood it all. They know it. They know it is a plot to destroy America. They know it is to minimize the populace. They know there is a dangerous virus that will kill them. They know that the government would never do them any bad. They know that you are a lowlife for not getting vaccinated. They know Iran/the CIA/ISIS/Trump/the Democratic Party is behind all of it. They know, they know, they know … and then they go and put that on Twitter.

So, do they? Do they really know? Or are they just assuming? Just like you assume things about people you do not know all the time. Or are they just trying to explain the nonsense to themselves? That is completely understandable. At least they are trying to find answers. But here is the thing:

We are not experiencing a ‘Marxist Uprising’ in the US—at least not in the classical sense.

We are not experiencing a terrifying pandemic.

What we are experiencing is monetary reset.

If you look at the past two years, as a society, we have been very zoomed in and reactionary to everything that is coming our way. You might look at the pandemic and say that every little step of it has been a reaction to something that was flung at us. But if you zoom out and take a different view point, it allows you to act more intelligently and proactively in how you are going to approach the next 8 to 10 years. Why 8 to 10 years?

A monetary reset historically lasts about six to ten years. We are about two years into it now, and I think that it is highly likely that it will conclude around 2030. So, when you are asking yourself “What the fuck is going on?” just view everything through monetary reset. View all the curveballs that are coming your way through the opportunistic scramble to redefine the monetary order and the hierarchy of power—including who will be hegemon next. With that, you already have a far better understanding of what all this is about, and it gives you the opportunity to be proactive and figure out what to do about that situation. Frankly, if you are just sitting there, waiting for the ‘pandemic’ to be over, believing that after that you can return to your old life or maybe even having arranged yourself with that ‘new normal’ will get you into a terrible position quickly.

The Long Cycle is Dead, Long Live the Long Cycle!

In 1609, the Bank of Amsterdam became the first bank to offer accounts not directly convertible to coin, which effectively made it the first central bank in human history. They ultimately failed because they had become too exuberant with their newly discovered powers. This tradition has carried on since then, manifesting in the ability to perpetrate time theft across the people who deal in these moneys, ultimately leading to the emergence of two cycles.

Everyone knows about the business cycle, the short cycle, which basically just means that there is a boom period and then a recession. Even people on the progressive left, even younger people—even a notoriously gullible Gen Z(!)—understand this business cycle and understand that there is some kind of unfairness and injustice to it.

Fewer people though tend to know about the long cycle that seems to last about 60 to 80 years. The long cycle is what happens when you are driving the economy using a money printer and Keynesian economics. This basically means you are expanding the economy and at some point you can no longer prevent it from imploding.

So, what seems to happen, and what is becoming clear to countless insiders, is that the financial system that props up the world, that allows us to interact with each other is crumbling and falling apart. So, basically, the people who sit at the top of the system steering the long cycle are being called into work to do something that is fairly tedious and expensive. They have to tear down the current long cycle and preempt the next long cycle with a narrative. If they do not do that, then the next long cycle will be emergent. That means that without their interference and steering, they would lose the power they have over the financial system. Hence, they would lose all their power.

The enemy of a central structure like our current governments or the financial system is the free emergence of a new narrative. So for the people steering the long cycle which are basically the private shareholders of the central banks, the titans of industries, and the top statesmen have a tremendous interest in not letting this happen. If they are not taking action now by prepping you for a new narrative, they will lose the control they have and become unable to steer society in the direction they want.

Where are we now?

Most people are looking at human history by pointing out wars or other historical events to use them as a base from which they then derivate their views and opinions on the current narrative. However, what you should actually do, is viewing history through the lens of long cycles.

History is punctuated by monetary resets. Currently, we are at the end of a long cycle and if you have that framing which we just talked about, you will expect to see the people that steer the construct emerging to tear the current one down and inject a narrative for the next one.

So? What do you see?

You see the World Economic Forum—which is the main think tank of all these industry titans and heads of state and also the multigenerational banking families—working their way up with their Agenda 2030, Great Reset narrative for the past 10 years. The term ‘Great Reset’ has been made famous by German economist Klaus Schwab, who is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. I have been following and documenting the posturing of the WEF, central banks and private companies in the tech sector like Stripe and their idea for the digital panopticon run on a central bank digital currency for a while and what has come to my attention is that in the past two years they have started moving incredibly hastily. So, you might think that it will not even take as long as described earlier.

The other thing you expect to see are the signals of the current long cycle being torn down. If you look at previous long cycles, the way by which they got torn down was by creating a conflict, some sort of fear event or chaos large enough that people would be so preoccupied with their fear and safety that you could basically excavate the productive capital of the last 60 to 80 years using money printing. So, you hyper inflate the currency, you take as many hard assets as you can and people would be so preoccupied with sheltering in place and all this “We are all in this together, at least we are going to make it through” crap that afterwards they would simply say “It couldn’t be helped.” If you are looking at WW1 and WW2, people were just grateful to be into the next chapter of society, no matter how it looked.

But what is different now?

Nuclear weapons have proliferated heavily, so the old model of causing chaos to keep people distracted while they extract their wealth and completely reshape society because they are ‘the only ones’ with a cohesive narrative of what the next monetary order will be based on, does no longer work. The weaponry is too strong and too broadly distributed for giving them any opportunity to wage war like they have done 80 years ago.

And so, you might look at the past two years, and you will find a new model of tearing down the long cycle. Trump, race, wokism, Covid-19, vaccines and now Russia have been the biggest drivers of distraction and division in the past four years. The power structure has been using a divide and conquer tactic to keep people quibbling between each other, when actually they should have paid attention to what was and is going on around them.

The Puppet Masters

Some of you may now argue that society is so incredibly complex and that politicians are so exorbitantly incompetent that there cannot be someone at the helm steering all of this. If you know anything about complex distributed systems, you know that all of these things can simply be incentives. Also, the image of some person being the single super brain behind it all does not sound very convincing. Besides, who should that be? Which person is so incredibly powerful to reign above everyone on this planet? There is no such person, right? Right. There is no one behind the curtain. Or is there?

The truth sits—as always—somewhere in between. Several central banks distributed throughout the world more or less control society because they are the ones that can perpetrate time theft, and they can pay people with the money that they print. Power like this tends to make you believe that you are somewhat allowed to live above the law, and it tends to let you think that you are entitled to deciding the important things about society.

The thing is, it is not really or necessarily known who the private owners of these banks are. If you know anything about the way Keynesian economics work, then you know that it has strong centralizing effects. That means, if I were to look at anything in the soft money society, it tends towards monopoly. Any industry where you can enact regulatory modes and the ability to get closer to the money printing has this strong centralizing effect.

It is basic logic that the private owners of these banks tend to smaller groups of people that wish to stay the private owners of the money printing mechanism of the world. It would also go to reason that the top statesmen and the top industry titans would also wish to stay ‘in the club’. I would not necessarily argue that this kind of ‘club’ is a cabal. It is more something like a multi hundred-year set of in-the-know families who happen to own some things and assets that allow them to stay there, and then there are industry titans and statesmen that want to be in this small club. It is not like some secret society, it is more like some strong incentives in a soft money world. It is basically the top heirs of the Cantillon effect who do not wish to be dethroned, and so they show up to work every 60 to 80 years because their primary job is to monitor and manage these long cycles and the monetary reset.

They let you go to war, they let you have conflicts, while they inject a narrative for the next long cycle, they negotiate what the monetary hierarchy will be for the next chapter of the world, and they help choose who will be hegemon of the reserve currency. It is real incentives that have the natural Cantillon effect of monopolizing functions of society, and in this case, the function is the ability to print money.

The problem with all of this is that it is quite laborious to manage and steer something as complex as the long cycle. Currently, they have all these central banks, and what we are very likely going to see is them streamlining and merging the entire system. They do not want all these central banks. They want it to be a handful, more condensed, easier, more automated. Furthermore, they want to avoid working quite as hard to manage society. And that is what we are seeing.

For 2000+ years—for as long as the state has existed—it has always tried to leverage banking’s critical functions of control and productivity by partnering intimately with it. That mechanism has evolved but the industry men behind it, the craftsmen, that have evolved the Keynesian banking system are the same set of people. It is not a distributed, high competition area. There is power on the backend, but then we have these industry players, bankers, and politicians wanting to get close to that table of power. It is no static cabal or secret society trying to steer it. It’s people flocking together around a central backbone of power that is in fact money printing and hoping for their piece of the cake.

However, while it’s not solely a cabal it has some of its aspects to it as it is a monopolistic industry that was passed down through generations, but not through a broad and well known, public set of competitors. This is not like Silicon Valley, where you would have start-ups trying to be the next owners of the central banks and partnered with the state intimately.

This is the basic framing of the Who? But the How? is far more important.

Build Back Better! EVERYWHERE!

If you understood all of this, then you could tie in everything that you are seeing in the ‘clown world’ and how they would achieve each different component of the next chapter. And luckily for us—and this appears to be new because they know that you are preoccupied with fear, drugs, and consuming sports, porn and Netflix shows—they are telling us. Nothing is behind closed doors. You can simply listen to them. You do not need to take my word for it, you can just go to the World Economic Forum’s website and dig through essays upon essays on the topic of how society is going to need to look like if we are all going to get along and have a productive, desirable world.

So all these people who are the preferred target for conspiracy theories go in and think tank about how they want the next cycle to look like.

Remember when I mentioned the term ‘Great Reset’ earlier? This might have intrigued you. However, as soon as you started googling it, you will have found out that it is apparently a term used by conspiracy theorists. You clicked through some CNN and MSNBC articles and come to the conclusion that all of this is just a “right-wing hoax”.

Well, is it? No. The term ‘Great Reset’ has nothing to do with right winged propaganda or conspiracy theories. In fact, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, recently used it in one of her speeches regarding how we are going to move forward ‘after’ the ‘pandemic’.

Need more evidence that it is a legit and global narrative?

So, they are telling us that it is ‘The Great Reset’ and you might like to know “What exactly is it and why will society accept that? Let’s talk about the basis that makes us accept it. There seem to be two aspects to this:

Malthusian Fear Spells

These WEF people have been sitting around with their cocktails for a long time now worrying about Malthusian problems which, simply put, means that ‘if population gets too large it’s going to be a really miserable experience on earth because humanity defiled nature, there is not enough for all of us to live, and we can no longer innovate ourselves out of it’.

There are a lot of things that come out of this Malthusianism; climate change for example. So, what they have been doing is asking themselves, “How can we get into the minds of everyone and convince them that their existence is somewhat selfish and that they should be scared about how we are behaving as a species?” We could go into depth now about the lie that is climate change, but I spare you the details for now. Just know that climate change is an excellent Malthusian fear spell. It gets people in the attitude of, “Oh my gosh, we need to change drastically as a society. We need to stop everything.”

So, when you think of it, you might come across a lot of things that have you think that we are coming to the end of Earth.

It is obvious that climate is changing. The Earth is not static and there are cycles, but when I am looking at the data from NASA satellites over the past decades, there really is not much going on that should worry the—excuse me—crap out of you. And when you are looking at the globalist sponsored scientists and their data you will quickly come to the conclusion that not that long ago they worried about ice ages, and now they switched to global warming and desertification.

Simply put, the man-made climate change fear spell is not very convincing once you turn down Fridays For Future and installed activists like Greta Thunberg and actually look at the hard data. The ability of humans, capital markets or innovation to adapt is much larger than these people would like you to think.

If you don’t believe me, remember the first weeks of Covid-19 when we had these propaganda videos coming out of China with people dropping onto the floor, seemingly dead? Were you scared? Probably. And yet here you are, and have you ever seen someone dropping to the floor because of Covid-19? No.

Do you remember what happened when Trump came to office? ‘Second Hitler’, ‘possible nuclear war’, ‘danger to democracy’. All of this was thrown around. Has anything—ANYTHING! — happened? No. There you go.

You do have to actively filter the things coming at you when someone with Malthusian tendencies is spreading them. The propaganda is so blatantly obvious, but most people still fall for all these fear narratives like lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. The pandemic is simply another Malthusian fear spell. It is this “Oh my God, we are not centrally planned enough, we are too big and too chaotic, and that virus will be the end of us if we are not huddling in under the state and reorganize society.”

Yes, you have climate change, yes you have this pandemic, but it is nowhere near as bad as they want you to think it is.

The ‘Malthusian Elite’, the people who steer the long cycle, knew they had a particularly hard challenge with this go around with nuclear arms proliferated so heavily they could not do the old and simple ‘create a geopolitical conflict’ and use the optics of that to establish a new era alone. The existence of the Internet also complicated their endeavor. It is potentially easier for people to research stuff and understand complex matters. However, still very few of you do as you are constantly busy with unimportant distractions, ranging from celebrity gossip, to sports news, to Covid and getting your vaccine so you can ‘be a part of society again’.

So they needed a new approach. What they did was throwing several things out and against the wall and checked what stuck, and obviously climate change stuck and is very effective. And the pandemic is a grand slam. They are absolutely thrilled about how that is working out, and I am pretty sure they are peeing themselves in excitement regularly.

’Marxist Feel-Good-ism’

Create some class division, an ‘oppressed against oppressor’-narrative, and really feed into the human tendency to want to believe themselves to be a victim. Something our younger generation has perfected. You can capture massive swaths of society with that strategy.

Back in the Soviet Union, it was the worker against the capital owners. Today they are using the people of color versus the white class sort of thing which again has no hard data to back it up but since humans are emotional animals they buy it. All these things like Critical Race Theory and all these really strange and apparently very seductive academia have infected people’s minds more than Covid-19 has ever done.

The result of this is that people are already clambering for change. They want a new order. There was no need to explain all of what we have just discussed here because they have systemically and unconsciously been subdued into believing that the current system failed, that capitalism failed and that we are due for some much-needed change.

And not only do we have these people, we also have those who feel like the system is mentally abusing them, while actually they are the ones who are not getting anything productive done in their lives. The people who are building their character on some test they made online and use it as an excuse to indulge in their shortcomings based on these results. So, we have these people clambering for a new order.

In addition, there are the environment people clambering for a new order, “Give me what I want, give the society what we need to get out of this because I am so scared by your Malthusian fear spells that I need to do TikTok videos showing how I am panicking about climate change.” — and now you have the pandemic people clambering for, “Give me a safe place, give me a world where I don’t have to live in fear.”

Even without knowing all about monetary resets and their tactics, if you are looking at the past months it should have become obvious to you that they are moving hastily and throwing everything towards you at once. Just like as if something is not right. They tell you to get vaccinated and when you do you still have to wear masks. They tell you to get a vaccine passport, but why on earth would you need one when the vaccines work? Why are other people the problem to your health when these vaccines are effective? You might sit there—vaccinated or not—and be like, “Nothing of this makes any sense anymore.”

People love to tell you that this is a sign that their narrative is crumbling. Unfortunately, it is not. China developed a societal torture tactic that wings people in to their form of authoritarianism, and it is precisely what we are seeing happening now. It basically is about making people scared and then giving them lots of conflicting direction until they are on their knees, begging for consistency; “Just tell me what the rules are, so I can proceed with my life.”

You might know the NPC “This is bad for our democracy” meme. This is a classic security state “divide and conquer” technique. And this is basically all that politics is about. They understand that demographics have two value systems, and they can create oppositely shaped narratives to keep them angry at each other.

I grew up in LA, and I met a lot of people from around the world of all age groups, so I can tell you that a lot of people who never took time to deal with all the stuff you are currently reading about genuinely believe things like “Inflation is just a tax that rich people cannot escape—and that’s justice!” or they think that Putin was somehow taking over the United States through Trump.

So, the media has them in their grasps, and they are ready to be spoon-fed whatever they are being told to do. Once you got them to this point, it is much easier to control what people believe and want to believe. They enjoy believing that they are the ones saving our democracies, when in fact there simply has never been a proper democracy in the first place. And it’s not like the people putting out these headlines know that these headlines are idiotic, they genuinely believe the narrative as well. They have picked it up and started developing it further by themselves.

And before you are going to think, “Ah, that’s the Left. That’s the liberals. Yes, classic.” No. Unfortunately, the same thing is true for Conservatives. They have figured out a way to get Donald Trump into people’s hearts because they felt like he was fighting for them, but if you read between the lines, then who was pushing forward vaccines? Who in the end stepped back and did not really change anything with the election? So people have been slow-rolled. It seems like instead of flipping over the table our concerns, fears, our anger, our passion was diluted and spread out over four years and that is still what is happening.

Trump himself is the reason so many people have taken an experimental vaccine. Make no mistake giving this man too much credit. But his mistakes are not the ones the media wanted you to believe his mistakes were.

So, this is the How?- these are the tools they are using to shake things up and get people primed and ready and really cheering and wanting and hoping for this new society that they have in mind for them.

”It’s not going to happen, right? … RIGHT??”

‘The pandemic now setting in might trigger one of those fears that cause structural changes. Then we will be able to lay the foundation for a world government, something to accomplish much faster than would have been possible by economic reasons alone.’ —Jacques Attali, Founder and first President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2009.

One of the main things the World Economic Forum does is running tabletop exercises in which they start with something like “Not that it’s going to happen, but if the world plummeted into a pandemic, what would we do and how would we handle it and what kind of society would you end up with?” and then they openly announce all their findings and put them on their website where you can now dig through 207 pages of blog archives surrounding that topic. You can now either do your own research, or you simply believe me that everything they predicted is precisely what is going on.

Following their track record of 100% nailing what will happen next to our society, let’s see what is coming next. Let’s take a brief look at their blog and—BOOM!— “Protecting critical infrastructure from a cyber pandemic”.

The same people who ‘warned’ you about a possible health pandemic are now warning you about a new pandemic of the computer breakdown sort that will make Covid-19 look like a small nuisance.

When you are looking at it, you will realize that they have been laying the groundwork for a big disruption. And now you are going to zoom out, just like you have learnt it a few minutes ago, and you will ask yourself “Why would the long cycle need a disruption?” Well, it is for conditioning.

You can look back at 9/11 and ask, “What was the difference between before and after?” And the difference was that afterwards we had ‘movement passes’ between countries. So, you needed your government ID and by now they have computer chips in them, and you needed them to move between countries, your data is stored on government servers, biometrics became a thing, you had to file certain additional documents to enter a country and so on.

You can now ask, “What is the difference between before and after regarding Covid-19?” Well, looks as if you require ‘movement passes’ to move in your city or town or go to the grocery store, travel between states and so on. So, the movement passes are becoming more and more omnipresent, and you agreed to this because it was easier for you to comply than to put up the fight. Thank you.

Ok, are we having fun yet? What will a ‘cyber pandemic’ do? Well, as we saw with Covid-19, they do not really have to do that much for society to do the rest. Basically, you did their work by shunning people who asked questions, by agreeing to everything authorities said, by giving in to getting the vaccine at some point—I assume none of you saw the bigger picture. So, all they need is a pretty small event and then society will take it from there, and you will have your hysteric follow-through. It doesn’t take much for mainstream media to keep the fire blazing until society falls apart.

I do not know what is going to happen; whether it will be some massive Zero-Day Attack or whether it is that the collusion of cronyists who were promised forever monopolies in the new long cycle decide to shut down important things, but they are foreshadowing a big societal disruption that will kick off a new hysterical fear cycle where people will basically demand that we need to change society in some important way to restore trust.

It is the same thing that vaccine passports and movement passes are doing to ‘restore trust’ in leaving your house. I suspect that what we will see is that they want you to use that same digital government ID that is currently emerging to access your devices and use the Internet because the Internet is what got completely out of hand for governments.

This kind of ‘vaccination’ of the Internet is basically just you needing constant real time state permission to perform whatever you are doing online these days. Even something as mundane as uploading your last night’s party selfies to Instagram will set a complex chain of events in motion in which your digital ID will be checked to verify that it is actually you who is uploading it, that you have permission to upload it and that you are not uploading something that could potentially harm public order, and after you have uploaded it, it will be written to your very own personal blockchain where it will remain even when you delete it on Instagram’s servers. You will basically need state permission to move, enter businesses, use the internet, communicate, or simply use your devices and everything you do will be stored just in case they need it at some point.

And this is what they want the next long cycle to be about; which is to say “Ok, person XYZ, you have a digital ID and a globally distributed blockchain by a coalition of Great Reset Countries that run a single database of global citizen IDs and you need to use this to authorize against the basic things you are going to do in your life. And here is your score and based on your behavior and on how well you are pleasing the state, we determine if you are still allowed to do these things.”

All of this gets even freakier with CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) when your digital ID is tied to your wallet.

At this point, I would like to pause for a moment and ask you: Is it still really ‘just a vaccine?’ Or ‘just a mask?’ Or ‘just two weeks to flatten the curve?’ And it would be wonderful if you could think about that for a moment.

Now, here is the fun part: they already have a blueprint for all of this. Enter the Irish-American financial services company Stripe. When doing a quick research on this company you will find that one of its founders, Patrick Collison, was backed by the Indian branch of Sequoia Capital which is an American venture capital firm, which in return is tied to The World Economic Forum.

Stripe is already rolling out global citizen real-time KYC (know your customer) to replace traditional types of log-in that other tech companies could integrate with. This basically means that at some point you are going to go to Twitter, and it will ask you to log in with your global citizen account.

Most people will only be looking at these companies marketing material telling them how awesome it is and how convenient for you and how safe regarding your data and identity theft that most people will not see the implications of this: “Oh that is nice, I disliked making passwords all the time and besides I never remembered them anyway”.

It is not the government forcing you to do that, it is the private sector going “Hey, we are developing this really amazing product that will restore trust in our business, our product, and trust online.” You can probably imagine how it will be not to be able to check out on Amazon without it, or not being able to call an Uber without it.

”Listen, I am just trying to live my life!”

A lot of people, when met with stuff like this, will immediately go into defense mode and tell you “I am just trying to live my life, leave me alone with it.” The only thing I can reply is, “It will affect you.” And I am not here to tell you that you are doomed, or because I want to annoy you with long texts or steal the time you need reading this. I am here to help you navigate it. Because it will happen.

What they are preparing now for the next long cycle will be the defining narrative for the rest of your life. Remember this when you say, “I can’t do anything anyways. I don’t want to think about it.”

The fact that we are going through a monetary reset is set in stone. There is nothing one could say or do to disprove any of this. You cannot push back on this. It was set in motion and this train can no longer be stopped. What can however still be influenced is how society is going to look in ten years from now.

Let’s quickly sum up what we are heading towards:

If you view it from that perspective that the entirety of what you were seeing over the last two years and what you are continuing to see over the next eight years is about usurping the nation state in cyberspace with a new nation based on digital ID where your natural rights are awarded to you based on loyalty and based on playing the physical game theory that they create for you—then you will probably realize that this is not a very exciting future. What this means is that they create the bounds of your existence and you are playing with it, which helps them determine whether you are a good citizen or not, whether you are allowed to go to the Bahamas or not.

Some of you are already playing the game. You getting tested all the time, and queuing to get booster shots are the very first signs of them pushing you into their new playing field.

This is a very lofty and exciting goal to the Malthusian Elite because it allows them to usurp law on paper, usurp nation states and streamline the masses’ lives for them to have an easier time controlling their assets, power, and wealth. You often have to remind westerners that this sounds outlandish, but this is not new. All you have to do is look into China.

I find it amusing how westerners are looking at China having a digital ID and being outraged that “we in the west are unable to implement this technology” and how “embarrassing” that is. I’d like to tell these people that this was not embarrassing but a blessing. You will probably soon wish to return to the old system once the new one is properly implemented.

When confronted with the fact that China is an authoritarian system made possible thanks to digital ID they will tell you that “we in our ‘Western democracies’ will handle this completely differently” and I am here to tell you: no, we will not.

You have already willingly agreed that you need state permission to go into a clothing store, to dine out or to move between cities because it was “just a mask”, “just a test”, “just a QR code.” So the only difference to China so far is that you have been doing it out of free will and compliance. It does not matter to me, if you think the vaccines are a “game changer”, or if you took it or did not. That is YOUR personal decision. But it is important you understand what is behind all of this, and to what sinister systems your actions may contribute.

It is completely normal in China that you need the state’s permission to go grocery shopping or go online or basically just move out of your home and farther away than your neighborhood. They have billboards that are highlighting model citizens and shaming negative ones. A Chinese citizen’s life is based on their social score and there are government checkpoints in every single action they take.

On a more depressing side note: Western TV has covered this recently. Instead of critically questioning the ethics behind this system, all they had to say was how amazing China has done in allowing a “more or less completely normal life again during this terrible pandemic”. Just in case you were wondering how serious the propaganda regarding this system actually is.

If you view this in terms of long cycle crafting and monetary reset, what has happened after WW2 is that the authoritarian academia formed the UN and the WEF and then proceeded to fold the fascist academia into the communist academia and they went into the lab in China—pun intended—where they cultivated this new version of authoritarianism and then realized that it was very effective. Now they are exporting what they learnt to us during this monetary reset.

They use the Malthusian fear spells and the ‘Marxist goodies’ as the key to unlock the door. The system itself is not at all science fiction or based on conspiracies because it literally is what we already have in China today. You just have to listen to what they are saying and read what they are writing because they are choreographing this for a long time already.

Commies! Commies everywhere!

‘You will own nothing and you will be happy.’ — Klaus Schwab

Why did Communism not work in the Soviet Union, and why is it not working in Venezuela? The key insight that authoritarians learnt during the Chinese experiments was that when the government takes over the means of production entirely, it is very hard to run industries or companies. The state usually fails at that so spectacularly that they just end up selling their country’s raw resources to import the goods they need for their citizens. That’s a path to ruin. It simply does not work. At the end of the day, when you are selling what your country owns, the shelves stay empty.

When they tried it again in China, they iterated like a tech company. They saw that in Germany the state partnered with the industry titans instead of replacing them. Germany went in and said, “Hey, you are now partnered with the state. Here is this and that advantage you are having from now on, and here is what we are getting from you in return.”

What China has been done differently here is that they allow capitalism in order for industries to form, to take root and to start changing society and when they get to a certain size they go knock on the door and say: “Congratulations, you are now married to the state.” The shape of authoritarianism in China is on the back-end some kind of ‘high-tech fascism’, meaning the state is partnered with the various industries, while on the front end it is ‘social score-based communism’.

This is what I meant when I said that after WW2 fascism was folded into communism because if you are aiming to have this on a global scale you need a poison pill that the masses are going to take—especially the younger generation. You require some sort of “Hey guys, we just need to make this fair for everyone <3”. That is a really compelling thing, especially for the average young not very broadly educated person to hear.

The big insight is that you need to allow a two tier society. You require a tier that are capitalists, that get to enjoy all the perks of a life lived in extreme wealth, that are not just ‘plebs’. This is the reason people like Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Fink and basically all these heads of industry and tech are drooling and tripping over each other because behind the scenes, they are being corded by the state. They have been promised a forever monopoly in the next long cycle.

As said before, the state has been married to central banking for 400 years and they have already enjoyed this forever monopoly. But now it looks like that with CBDCs they are finally going to secure this monopoly forever. It is done and dusted. And in addition to that, they are forming a new forever monopoly with Big Tech. That is why you see these industry titans going crazy excited about the next chapter. They are eager to do this because they are going to live in this high tier of flourishing and no competition. The people that like authoritarians the most are crony capitalists because it is very hard to compete. It is very hard to create value or perish. People who enjoy wealth and possess low ethics dislike that.

And just like von der Leyen in that video, all these Great Reset countries, all 180 of them, are excited that we are importing that sort of totalitarian high-tech Chinese system to the world. We are finally usurping the nationalist states, so you do no longer have the nation states and we finally can solve all these problems and it will be cemented in this two tier society. Just like China.

If you are in the top tier in China, you will love it. It is great when you are in the flourishing, forever monopoly part of society. And if you are not, it is not that great. It is a huge pain on your soul.

And that concludes What the Fuck is actually happening. Congratulations. You made it.

A Lily Bit