By Helena Handbasket – August 12th 2022

For anyone who thinks this is a one off response to the lies and deception being observed across the world in relation to the serious adverse events of the experimental Covid-19 injections, it clearly is not.

The figures from ‘official’ government sources show that serious adverse events, including sudden death, are now seen to be extremely common as opposed to the official lie that these serious adverse events are “rare”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the UK alone, it is now admitted that 1 in 246 recipients of this lethal, ‘experimental’ injection have died within 60 days of receiving it. It is now blatantly obvious that there is nothing safe or effective because it does not prevent infection or transmission and is therefor not a vaccine at all. An injection which has such effects, unless the ‘effectiveness’ is actually what it is actually achieving is a weapon of GLOBAL GENOCIDE.

It is also obvious that it is not ‘experimental’ in terms of the public perception of that term, even if they know that it is labelled ‘experimental’, which unfortunately, the vast majority are still blissfully ignorant of.

I can openly state that it is again obvious that it is not experimental in any shape or form, otherwise Pfizer could not possibly know of the published 1300+ ‘side’ effects of their product. They have clearly experimented on people prior to us even hearing about Covid-19. Studies of these type take years to carry out and years again to examine all the results, including diagnostic evaluations on every ‘side’ effect. These are clearly not ‘side’ effects when it was already known to Pfizer that they would occur. These are INTENTIONAL EFFECTS.

The sad reality of pharmacists who are nothing more than diabolical drug pushers for Big Pharma.

Be in no doubt, we will see more of this type of action by distraught parents as the numbers of serious adverse events and deaths affecting their children start to build to unprecedented levels across the world.

This pharmacist is fortunate that this distraught father was seemingly out of the country at the time his son was grievously harmed by this pharmacy to the degree that he may not see adulthood.

Can you imagine what would have happened had the father been able to visit the pharmacist in person?

Pharmacists, as well as many other agents of murder, will be held responsible in the very near future and many parents, children and other family and close friends may not be encumbered by the distance between them and those responsible for the damage done.

Pharmacists be warned…”I was only doing my job” is no excuse for murder.

There could well be serious adverse effects on you personally for your lies and deception.

What would you, the perpetrator of this crime, do if it was your child who had been seriously damaged or killed by such lies and deception?