A politician has been accused of using a fake social media profile to groom a teenage boy, reports the Irish Daily Mail.

Mail on Sunday –

The politician’s party confirmed last night it has removed the party whip from the accused and that an investigation into the allegations is now under way.

But despite withdrawing the whip in early May the politician has since represented his party at a hearing and submitted questions in June which appeared on a meeting agenda last month.

‘The boy claimed he was contacted by this politician who was using a false social media profile in order to get in contact with youngsters involved in the youth section of the party.

‘He is claiming the politician was using a fake social media profile in order to meet underage youngsters. The boy believes that he was being groomed and he believes that he is not the only underage boy this politician made contact with.’

Three days after the teenager notified the party about his concerns the accused politician attended a party meeting at which new child protection guidelines and policy were voted and signed-off on by party members.

It is understood the State family and child agency Tusla and gardaí have been informed about the allegations.

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