In Ireland, socialism is fast destroying both family and property rights.

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On a Monday afternoon in the peaceful town of Athlone, Ireland, a shout rang out “Ireland Should be Catholic, Not Socialist!”

The young men with Irish Society for Christian Civilisation were back in town defending the perennial values of tradition, family, and property. The specific issue for the public’s attention was the worrying advance of socialism in Ireland.

A plague is threatening Ireland

Over the last few decades, a plague has been spreading through Ireland. Most people don’t know its name, but they see and feel its effects. It spreads high taxes, rising petrol and grocery prices, eroding property rights, and worst of all, corruption of children in schools.

This plague has a name: socialism. This repackaged version of communism is a worldview of radical equality that seeks to level all natural inequalities.

Socialism promotes a materialist and atheistic perspective that despises and persecutes the traditional family and the Catholic Faith.

Socialism is attacking family and property rights

In Ireland, socialism is destroying both family and property rights. In recent weeks, socialist politicians have advanced the Right to Housing Bill 2020. If passed, the bill would recognize the “right to secure, affordable, dignified housing” and it will “delimit the right to private property where it is necessary to ensure the common good.” 

Thus, this redefined right to housing would trump any right to ownership of private property and could even lead to the loss of property.

An even more concerning socialist advance against families is in the education field.

Helen McEntee, the Fine Gael Justice Minister, introduced a new teaching strategy to deal with “gender-based violence.” The extremely immoral approach, promoted by the Department of Education, encourages “crossdressing” for “erotic enjoyment,” and learning about “drag and gender-fluid” identities. 

Raising the alarm

To alert the public to the danger of socialism, the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation (ISFCC) launched a week-long series of campaigns across the country.

From July 25-30, young volunteers crisscrossed the country visiting Dublin, Limerick, Galway City, Cork City, and Wexford Town.

Volunteers handed out over 10,000 leaflets titled “10 Reasons to Reject Socialism.” The leaflet unmasks the socialist ideology, showing how it attacks the Catholic faith, the family, and private property.

Throughout the week of campaigns, many people expressed surprise when hearing about the proposed Right to Housing Bill, the new educational strategy and other radical parts of the socialist agenda.

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