WHO African Region shared a video not only ignoring the evidence that COVID jabs pose risks to babies in utero, but suggesting that a COVID shot helped a woman conceive after five years of infertility.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared a video suggesting that a COVID-19 “vaccine” helped a woman to conceive a child, despite large amounts of data linking the jab to fertility problems. 

On July 27, in order to back up the WHO’s claim that COVID-19 “vaccines” cannot prevent pregnancy, the WHO African Region tweeted a video featuring a Guinea woman who said she became pregnant after receiving the COVID shot

“Some people think #COVID19 vaccines cause infertility. This is false. ‘Getting vaccinated against #COVID19 cannot prevent a woman from getting pregnant.’ A statement reinforced by the story of Marie Ouendeno in #Guinea,” WHO African Region wrote in their tweet post.

In the video, Ouendeno says, according to the translation captions, “COVID vaccination will not prevent pregnancy, having children, or marriage.”

Ouendeno’s story, however, goes even further than attempting to show that COVID jabs do not hinder conception. It suggests that the jab actually helped her to conceive a child.

“I tried to have a child for five years and after I received the vaccines, I conceived,” shared Ouendeno, before the video cut to footage showing her with her baby boy.

“I got the vaccine to protect myself, my family, and my community,” she continued. “And today, my baby is born and he is perfectly healthy.”

There is ample data to show that the COVID jabs are far more likely to hurt than help a woman’s ability to conceive or give birth to a child. From the beginning of the COVID shot rollout, healthcare professionals were warning that pregnant women should not risk the jab, since they were excluded from preauthorization clinical trials. Only limited data on the jabs’ safety for the demographic was available by the time of their emergency use authorization (EUA).

In fact, documents that were later released by the FDA, due to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, showed that in post-Pfizer jab rollout data, a staggering 238 of the 270 of the pregnant women did not report the outcomes of their pregnancies following reception of the jab.

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