School officials are finally listening to angry parents who’ve grown tired of teachers and libraries peddling homosexual pornography to kids under the guise of “LGBTQ” education and learning about “diversity” and “inclusion.”

In Utah, the Alpine School District recently pulled 52 books from libraries because parents complained about the graphic sex to which they expose children.

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The grooming books are readily available in schools nationwide. Yet when parents have tried to read excerpts, school-board members stop them because the material is “inappropriate.” Viral videos have shown parents repeatedly trying to read the books only to be told to shut up.

“We Are Being Proactive”

The Alpine district is the state’s largest with 84,000 students, the Salt Lake Tribune reported of the purge.

“As soon as next week, the district’s board members hope to adopt a policy that will guide them in making decisions on whether to return those books or remove them permanently,” the newspaper reported. “And after that, there are another 32 the district has flagged to also investigate further.”

The school acted after an “internal audit prompted by parents’ concerns” and the books will remain unavailable “until Alpine can conduct a ‘review of content.’”

The books in question includes titles that feature explicit homosexual sodomy:

The list includes four often-challenged books: “Gender Queer,” a graphic novel about the author’s journey of self-identity that has some scenes of illustrated figures engaging in sexual conduct; “Lawn Boy,” which is about a gay protagonist and features one scene about a sexual experience he had at a youth group meeting; “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which includes an autobiographical passage detailing an older cousin molesting the author when he was a young boy; and “Out of Darkness” about the relationship between a young Mexican American girl and a Black teenage boy in 1930s Texas.

The book list also includes a collection of poetry, “Milk and Honey,” by Rupi Kaur and a nonfiction title, “Queer: The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens.”

A school board in Texas yanked Out of Darkness last year.

Not surprisingly, pro-LGBTQ leftists are aghast:

“Students have a right to learn about the variety of human experiences and perspectives that these books provide,” said Jonathan Friedman, director of free expression at PEN America, in a statement. The organization defends free expression across the country.

Parents don’t share Friedman’s view. And one of them, who represents Utah Parents United, filed a report with two law-enforcement agencies about the porn.

“Utah Parents United curriculum director Brooke Stephens also filed a police report with both Farmington Police Department and Davis County Sheriff’s Office, according to copies provided to The Salt Lake Tribune, to report a list of 47 books in Davis School District,” the Tribune reported:

She told police the sheriff’s office that the books broke state law because they contained pornography.

That report notes: “She stated that she wanted to make a criminal complaint against the school district and have the issue investigated.”

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