By Helena Handbasket – July 29th 2022

If there was ever a time in history when it was blatantly obvious that a global cull or genocide was being carried out, IT IS NOW!

Deaths from the Covid-19 injections are skyrocketing…

Supply chains, most crucially food supply chains, are being dismantled through deliberate government policies around the world using the excuse of Covid-19 but implementing green policies to destroy everything which relies on cheap energy, including small businesses and in particular farms…

Legislation to ban agricultural nitrogen use will devastate food supplies where this is implemented… It is quite literally a genocidal policy of mass starvation.


Hundreds of food production facilities and ancillary facilities are mysteriously burning to the ground, mainly in America, but also worldwide…

Inflation is becoming rampant across the globe with energy and food prices soaring to unprecedented levels for the general public with many who had already been dependent on food banks suffering the most. (Food banks are also mysteriously catching fire)

A new pseudo-pandemic is in the making with the rarely fatal disease ‘Monkey Pox’ being the latest card of globalist psychopaths to be played with gay men being the prime target for what will no doubt be another lethal injection. They should know better after their experience of AZT which killed thousands under the guise of an AIDS treatment.

Genuine Monkey Pox, as mentioned above, is rarely fatal and is not sexually transmitted. It is transmitted by close contact, simply meaning, skin to skin, which could of course apply to anyone in ‘close contact’ with anyone else. It is also NOT a respiratory disease, so any mention of mask wearing should give the game away as a complete hoax, just as Covid-19 and its ‘variants’ always was.

As you can see in the link above, Monkey Pox is nothing new, and before you look at the alleged number of deaths associated with Monkey Pox, please note that these were all ‘suspected cases’. In other words, not proven to be ‘Monkey Pox’ or any other disease and therefore these deaths cannot be attributed to ‘Monkey Pox’. It’s quite simple logic. It should also be noted that one of the 1300 listed effects of the Pfizer Covid-19 poisonous injection is a disease known as Autoimmune Blistering Disease which has exactly the same symptoms as the alleged ‘Monkey Pox’. It is also very similar to Shingles, another listed effect of the Pfizer injection. It is listed as Herpes Zoster.

You can view all criminal injury effects from Pfizer here… The list starts on Page 30 and continues for 9 pages…

The criminal World Health Organisation, led by a known terrorist, are simply fear-mongering, yet again, to facilitate the further genocide of humanity with another lethal dose of whatever concoction the general public will bend over for.

The target group are clearly gay men. For those of you who think the WHO or anyone else give a damn about rainbows or pride marches, simply accept their words and roll up your sleeves.

You won’t live to regret it.