Ireland’s government has very little to boast about over the past decade, but it can successfully brag about one achievement, it has successfully reduced birth rates by 25%.

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These apocalyptic policies have brought us to a stage where paying a doctor €450 for the intentional killing of an unborn is more of a priority for the government than virtually anything else related to children, apart from perhaps their plans for gruesome new sexual education that includes lessons on pornography.

In a complete panic after the overturn of Roe vs. Wade in the United States, Ireland’s incompetent government is now moving to establish anti prayer zones across the country, where a person can be jailed for praying against abortion or for encouraging people to give birth to their baby instead of killing it.

The establishment has waged a long and lackluster war on prolife prayer in an effort to justify such zones, yet now they are proceeding regardless of any real evidence and are doing so in defiance of the public advice of Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, who has repeatedly rejected the need for such legislation, stating that it was not necessary.

Some of the efforts by the establishment, and we include Sinn Fein, the Social Democrats and Labour in that list, have been ones of pure desperation.

In 2020, Simon Harris claimed that women attending hospital for miscarriages were being asked ‘Are you going to murder your child?’, however the claim was quietly dropped when it emerged that it was linked to an anonymous Antifa Twitter account from someone claiming to have been working in the Department of Justice. In the resulting controversy, proaborts threatened to murder the prolife advocates across social media.

Footage also emerged of Antifa, who appear to support the government, pelting elderly Catholics with eggs because they were praying the Rosary.

In another effort, the Social Democrats, who were founded by current Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, waged a campaign against Catholics who wished to pray outside their closed church under state restrictions. An English born politician was deeply unhappy with this, though thankfully it was captured on film.

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