As Stonewall propose the indoctrination of 2 years olds, It’s time for homosexuals to say “Enough”.

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Homosexuals face a choice. That choice is to fall in with the sinister ex-gay charity Stonewall which finally crossed the credibility Rubicon this week with a tweet urging the indoctrination of toddlers into gender ideology, or to stand up, oppose this madness and say “not in my name”. Silence is not an option, those evading this issue for a quiet life will be taken to have been complicit by the army of actual homophobes now headed in our direction. Stonewall claims to speak for us and our opponents will take it at its word when the reckoning comes. Such is their abuse and exploitation of our cause, our lives, our movement that we are now in reality left with no choice in the matter, we must say something to bring an end to this wicked cult.

I needn’t point out of course that your average two-year-old has a basic command of language. I needn’t point out few are toilet trained. I needn’t point out they have vivid imaginations and are just as likely to tell you they are superman or a tractor as they are a member of the opposite sex. I needn’t say such thing because such things are painfully obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of age-appropriate education. Such things are obvious to anyone with a passing familiarity for safeguarding. Such things are obvious because to anyone who has met a two-year-old. Such things are obvious because they are quite obvious.

Not it would seem to the privileged class of charity-sector gender aristocrats who now function as a shadow government worming their way into every institution they can teaching this gutter-cult like bilge entirely disconnected from material reality. Their objective is an obvious one, to spread their sinister new religion as far as possible by stealth, to exercise undemocratic control over public institutions like schools, to create a McCarthyite culture which harasses and cancels dissenters, to fill people’s minds full of rot and poison and to persecute any who dare question them as if they were heretics.


That means no.

We are long passed the point where any homosexual has a plausible excuse not to metaphorically take up arms against this this. I say this to my fellow homosexuals. Gender ideology teaches that boys and girls playing with toys typical for the opposite gender (as many of us who grow up to be gay did) are born wrong and into the wrong bodies. In so doing it locates the misery and challenges of not fitting in socially within the homosexual body. It says not that society should change and accept different kids or different people, but that the gender non-conforming homosexual must hate their body and change it by medicine to fit in with gender stereotypes we thought we had defeated in the 90s.

It now wants to teach this to two years olds. Two. It wants there to be no escape from the cult of gender, not in Universities, hospitals, schools, government departments, now it wants to extend it’s malign and greedy reach to nurseries and kindergartens. It wants a gender non-conforming homosexual at every point to meet with the catechism that their bodies are wrong and must be changed. If homosexuals were an ethnic group, we would call this philosophy genocidal. It has never taken detransition seriously, and ignores homosexuals who cite internalised homophobia as a cause for their medical pathway.

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