By Helena Handbasket – July 21st 2022

If history is ever honestly recorded about the Covid-19 fraud, people of that era will be in no doubt that it was those who denied reality who were to blame for the subsequent tyranny that followed; those people who insulted and ridiculed the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who spoke out and pointed out the obvious lies and deception being pushed as fact.

The Covid-19 holocaust deniers will go down in history as the most useful idiot collaborators in their own demise and the subsequent demise of those who tried to warn them that their actions were to blame for everything that followed their compliance with tyranny.

They have been the ideal weapon against the rest of humanity and have been used to virtue signal and attack any alternative narrative proposed as logical and basic common sense; and I might add, confirmed by genuine scientific studies and multiple government and other organisation’s documentation.

The Covid-19 holocaust deniers have nothing to back up their arguments other than TV news talking heads, treasonous politicians, bought and paid for by the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab and psychopaths such as Tony Fauci (I refuse to call him a doctor) and the likes of Bill Gates (likewise) and Boris Johnson, both diehard eugenicists who have openly stated in the past that they wish to see the population of the Earth reduced.

Should we perhaps pity those who have no other thoughts than those which come from their TV sets and ‘authorised’ online sources?


They deserve everything coming to them at this stage. They have had the best part of almost 3 years to think things over, and yet, they are still falling for the same bogus story again; new strains, ‘new vaccines’ (further genetic modification) and lockdowns ahead.

Thank you Covid-19 holocaust deniers. Your ‘useful idiot’ credentials have been proven.

You have condemned yourself, your children and extended family and friends, and more importantly, those who tried to warn you of what the future held for humanity if you continued to submit and comply with tyrants, to a dystopian nightmare of your own making.

And to the police, all government officials, medical pseudo-professionals and especially the media, which if it had done its job could have stopped this at the start. Instead they have been the world’s prime liars who have deceived the public for their own gain…


You have collaborated, with an enemy you don’t even know exists, in the biggest hoax in history.