By Helena Handbasket – July 16th 2022

As Volodomir Ascambaddie stepped onto the tarmac of Dublin airport he was overcome with emotion when he was greeted in a show of solidarity, by what are regarded as the dregs of Irish society, namely the Irish homeless, who had stayed outdoors in their thousands to welcome their fellow compatriots from the African region of Ukraine who were soon to enjoy all the benefits of Irish homelessness becoming as homeless and destitute as they are.

When asked what he thought of his reception in Ireland and his first impressions of the country, Volodomir replied, through a Nigerian interpreter, that he was overwhelmed and that he hadn’t realised that there were already so many Irish people homeless in their own country. ”They look as if they’ve just escaped a war torn region of Africa… I mean Ukraine.” He stated in fluent Nigerian. Asked by a hastily sourced Ukrainian media man/woman/person thing about his level of Ukrainian language skills and cultural familiarity with his home country, Volodomir replied… “Huh? Me no speaky Ukrainian. Sausages”

On greeting his fellow homeless bums, Volodomir was once more overcome by the sheer numbers of Irish homeless people and their incomprehensible language. He had only learned a few basic words in English to help him on his way, such as “free money”, “free food” and sadly to his disappointment, “free housing/luxury hotels” and “free phones”. He had come to expect all in abundance and the streets of Dublin to be paved with at least a few loaves of bread and some fish as he had read some parts of the bible, but he soon realised that none of it was to become reality in his new Irish Africa. It was to be homelessness or nothing as all the houses were full and his fellow African and Asian refugees had already taken up the good housing and hotel accommodation. But he had heard a rumour that new housing would soon become available as Irish people were to lose all rights to private property and have their holiday homes taken from them “for the greater good of Afrikaine”. He was so happy hearing this as he hadn’t realised that Ireland was that far down the road of Communism. He was very relieved.

According to a representative of the Irish Association of Park Bench Sleepers, Mr. Paddy Chillblaines, “The IAPBS stands or lays down in the snow with all Ukrainian refugees, regardless of their African passports, and will happily virtue signal by downsizing from park benches to park chairs to accommodate Afrikanian families who will be granted the far more spacious park benches. In a further move towards total non-integration of Afrikanian refugees, Mr. Chillblaines also stated that his comrades in the IAPBS would leave their spacious shop front sleeping areas with the highest begging income potential to allow Afrikanians to take advantage of the multiple opportunities available in Dublin city center where they may be able to make upwards of €50 per hour. He did point out that a bit of singing, dancing, cursing and hiding the whisky bottles when begging would be a skill they may require to be successful homeless people.

That aside, he went on to point out that any Afrikanian worth their salt should already have acquired these skills in their own country but he did state that he thought that it was only fair that they should reciprocate by sharing their professional knowledge of internet scams with their generous Irish homeless hosts. “Diversity is the key to success.” He added with a wink in his eye.

He went on to state that there were financial issues which were starting to become a major cause for concern as park bench and shop door rental prices had skyrocketed since the start of the current economic migrant crisis. “Of course, this is all Vladimir Putin’s fault, but we have seen a quadrupling of prices for lucrative shop door space in Dublin. Prices used to be around 2 litres of cheap alcohol or 40 cigarettes a day for average income begging spots but they have now gone out of reach for the average Irish homeless renter.” He went on to add that ordinary, very white Ukrainians seemed to have an advantage when it came to access to cheap vodka and cigarettes and this was pricing the Irish homeless out of the shop door rental market. “I really don’t know how we can compete with cheap imports from Ukraine when it comes to vodka and cigarettes.”

He added, “The Ukrainian women, the white ones anyways, are way nicer looking and willing to do anything for a few Euros. Our Irish prostitutes can’t compete with them either.”

When these points were put to Volodomir and some of his Congokanian compatriots they stated that “We know nothing about cheap vodka and cigarettes but we are very interested in those Ukrainian beautiful prostitutes cost much how?” His words. Not mine.

When asked how he and his fellow Afrikanians intended to integrate into the Irish homeless community, Volodomir stated that, “It was not our intention or duty to do so. We have come here as pitiful beggars and expect to be looked after in luxury in every aspect of our lives and pay nothing, unlike the Irish homeless. That is their problem, and as much as we admire their willingness to give up prime homeless real estate, they are just stupid. We would not do that for them…. Is this off the record?”

Further prompted as to how they acquired such a wonderfully diverse suntan through the Ukrainian winter, Volodomir further enthused that global warming was to blame. “I used to be proud of my white privilege but now I’m black so Black Lives Matter to me now”. He went on to enthuse that they would happily vote for Comrade Leo Varadkar and Comrade Mehole Martin in future, when they were given Irish passports, to reduce the indigenous Irish carbon footprint by out-breeding the Irish and that they would also help turn Ireland into a wasteland as intended by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to turn it into a land of utter poverty for all but a select few. At this point he believed that he and his comrades would be allowed to head back to Afrikaine…. He was later found dead in the gutter, in the arms of a transgender north Afrikanian, overdosed on media bias and heroin.

Yes, the above is satire of sorts, but it is no less idiotic then the reality that the government in Ireland is psychopathic in its hatred for the Irish people. It is deliberately destroying the country through insane immigration policies (The Kalergi Plan) which only a madman would conceive of as rational and right. That also applies to all other lunatic fringe measures the current cabal controlling Ireland inflicts on the people of Ireland using the media and other institutions to condemn Irish people to oblivion in the not too distant future. Personally, I think the damage is too great to now be repaired without a serious rising up of the domestic population against what is clearly a war against them by their own traitorous political ‘superclass’ and other global actors.

The links below give an idea of how utterly insane the current cabal of Irish treasonous politicians truly are in this regard. They are clearly corrupt puppets of a greater cabal which controls them through blackmail….

And they’re still bringing more in, not just from Ukraine, or even remotely passed off as Ukrainian…