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Dublin citizens were treated to what has become an all too familiar scene on O’Connell Street this week as an African male adult screamed at the top of lungs and proceeded to expose himself to women for all to see.

Amazingly, no Gardai were to be seen for quite some time and when person confronted the man, he removed his penis from his trousers before continuing to walk around screaming, while exposing himself.

This is not unusual just weeks ago another African man walked the length of O’Connell Street completely naked; it appears the multi-culti utopia out leaders never asked if we want to live in, is in fact a nightmare.

Eventually, Gardai arrived and the man was taken away as he was shouting about his race.

Bemused commentators on social media have asked how such a scene can unfold for so long before Garda intervention on the capital city’s main thoroughfare

One Dubliner sadly remarked in a resigned tone “This is what we get for letting them into our country”.

Indeed, all around Dublin City Centre people are confronted with gangs of Roma Gypsies plying their trade, drug addicts and drug peddlers openly dealing and abusing in public as well as the ever-growing homelessness crisis.

Other social media users asked if the men who fought in the GPO for Irish independence in 1916 and again on O’Connell Street in Battle of Dublin, the centenary for which was recently marked, could look forwarded into the future would they have bothered to take up arms at all.

Indeed, perhaps we’re all better off if we just Remember Dublin City in the Rare Auld Times.

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