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The day after President Michael D Higgins caused international outrage after claiming that ‘Climate Change’ had caused animalistic Muslim terrorists to slaughter over 50 Catholics on Pentecost, he quickly changed headlines by ranting about the housing crisis created by his own Labour party in 2011.

In a largely incoherent ramble, the President of Ireland talked about Ireland’s ‘housing disaster’, forgetting that his own party had laid the groundwork for such a crisis through their anti family and anti housing measures over the course of the 2010s.

His shocking comments disappeared out of the news cycle for a week but now they are back, after an explosive appearance by the Bishop of Ondo on EWTN.

During his discussion with Raymond Arroyo on The World Over, Bishop Jude Arogundadewas asked about the horrific remarks from Michael D Higgins.

A heartbroken but defiant Bishop spoke bravely about how the authorities in Nigeria had failed to crack down on anti Christian violence within the country.

Arroyo then reminded the bishop that Higgins had implied that climate change had made the terrorists into ‘victims’.

The bishop replied

That analysis is off, off, off the track completely.

The attack took place in the church, there is nothing about climate change in the church.

If you’re fighting about climate change, look for other means.

When it comes to the point of people attacking for no reason…to cause the maximum death…they came for the aim of killing everybody. Just to inflict the maximum damage.

On the issue of climate change, this is out of the point.

The church attacked was built by the Irish. The first two bishops were Irish gentlemen.

Some of those killed were married or baptised by Irish priests.

His reaction meant so much to me because of this.

I had to respond.

The video is an emotional one.

A defiant Higgins, who has been very supportive of Communist dictators Xi Jinping and Fidel Castro as well as the notorious George Soros, has still refused to publicly apologise for the hurt caused to the Christian victims of the Muslim terror attack.

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Catholic Arena