By Rhonda Wilson – The Exposé

A reader writes that she can, at times, smell and taste chemicals after aeroplanes have been spraying in the skies above the middle of Wales.  Last Friday was particularly bad, she writes, “I was left with a burning sensation in my mouth, throat and lungs, and with a tickling cough.” She asks: will their next “scamdemic” be to label persistent coughs due to chemtrails as whooping cough?

To The Exposé,


I am based in mid-Wales, not far from the English border, and frequently see chemtrails, this past week has been especially bad. I am in an area with few flights across, so these trails are not from passenger or commercial planes on normal flight paths.  The planes spraying also do not show up on any of the flight tracker apps. 

They start well before dawn and can continue all day, still spraying as night sets in. Some mornings I have awoken to a sky that looks as though they have been playing “noughts and crosses” during the night.

One day there were four planes in the air spraying with trails which spread out leaving a blanket of grey behind. 

At times you can taste and smell the chemicals. Yesterday, 24 June 2022, was particularly bad. The day started with low mist and continued with thick low clouds. It would seem that they took the opportunity to “go to town” spraying while their activities were hidden. I was left with a burning sensation in my mouth, throat and lungs, and with a tickling cough. My mouth and lips felt swollen and still feel swollen today.  My cat was also affected, and throughout the day, like me, she coughed.  The smell of chemicals was overwhelming at times. Today, 25 June 2022, I am still coughing.

I have noticed that on days the military does manoeuvres in the area, the spraying stops. Is this coincidence, by design, or are the military pilots the ones flying the spraying planes?

On looking at the paper this morning, 25 June 2022, I see that they are looking for volunteers to test a whooping cough vaccine.* Will this be their next “scamdemic” – causing everyone to have breathing difficulties and coughing fits and then blame it on whooping cough and try to force us all to have a whooping cough vaccine?

Yours faithfully,

K.B., Wales

*Note from The Exposé: On Friday 24 June 2022, NHS University Hospital Southampton released a press statement: ‘Whooping cough ‘human challenge’ study launched in Southampton to test new vaccine’. It stated:

“Volunteers will trial a new way to prevent whooping cough in a study being launched at University Hospital Southampton, following a sharp rise in cases in recent years.”

Letter to the Editor: Are Chemtrails Real or Am I Just Going Crazy?

A reader from Dartmoor who has only recently heard about the chemtrail phenomenon writes “I was still not sure whether [chemtrails] was a ‘conspiracy theory’ or a real thing so I thought: ‘I’m being a little overly suspicious or paranoid’. But I took some photographs anyway … I really thought I was going mad but kept telling myself that I am not imagining this and it is real.”

Dartmoor National Park, located in southern Devon, England, has wild, open moorlands and deep river valleys, with a rich history and rare wildlife.  Dartmoor is a unique place. “We work to support and facilitate the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment, wildlife and heritage of Dartmoor,” the UK government website states.

To The Exposé,

Chemtrails over Dartmoor!

Following on from several “Letters to the Editor” that I’ve seen on your site, I feel compelled to also write in and share my pictures.

On the morning of 16th June, I woke up to a clear blue sky.  A short while later I noticed some “vapour trails”.  I’ve only recently heard about chemtrails and I was still not sure whether this was a “conspiracy theory” or a real thing, so I thought: “I’m being a little overly suspicious or paranoid.” But I took some photographs anyway.

The first photograph was taken at 7.20 am.

Dartmoor, 16 June, 07:20

The second photograph was taken at 8.32 am, a mere 50 mins later.

Dartmoor, 16 June 2022, 08:32

I really thought I was going mad but kept telling myself that I am not imagining this and it is real – and, what on earth are they spraying into the skies?!

The forecast was full sun and clear skies and warm weather for the next few days.  The change in less than an hour was dramatic.  The whole rest of the day was overcast, but it was not really cloud cover – it was a murky sort of grey-yellow colour all day.  And the following day.

And then, I was so pleased to see that you published a “Letter to the Editor” the next day referring to chemtrails over Exmoor!!  I really was not imagining things!  So, please find attached my photographs here, as if anyone needs further proof.  They very clearly show the difference in less than an hour.  It is shocking!

My location is on the eastern edge of Dartmoor, about 8 miles from Exeter as the crow flies, and the view is in a north-easterly direction.

I don’t know what can be done to stop this, but I guess the first thing is to make people aware.  It is not okay to be messing about with the natural order of things.


Concerned, of Dartmoor

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