By Peter Ebdon – Snooker World Champion 2002

⁣Peter Ebdon is considered to be one of the greatest snooker players of all time, winning the world championship in 2002, the UK championship in 2006 and seven other ranking titles. Peter also runs Designer Pedigrees Ltd, offering in-depth pedigree analysis of mares with recommendations of genetically compatible stallions, the same for stallions, and which mares and broodmare sires are most likely to suit them., and pedigree analysis of lots from sales categories. He is also a professional healer running Quantum Energy Healing with fellow healer Jo Radley. In this interview Peter talks about how important it is to emanate energy of unconditional love as humanity faces a sustained spiritual attack upon its very existence. He believes this attack is predominantly psychological. Peter has been an outspoken critic of government imposed restrictions on the British public from the outset, questioning the need for mass vaccination. He has also offered hope to many by stating his firm belief that there is great light falling upon the planet.