The Rally for Life returns as normal to Dublin on Saturday 2nd July at 2pm, with a large crowd expected.

Catholic Arena –

The main speaker at the event will be Dr. Dermot Kearney, who has fought for the right to provide women with abortion pill reversals in the United Kingdom.

There will also be a number of events prior the main Rally, including Mass celebrated by Archbishop Eamon Martin at St. Saviour’s Church on Dominick Street.

Dr. Dermot Kearney will also deliver a talk, hosted by Family Solidarity, at Cassidy’s Hotel at 12.30pm.

The theme for the 2022 Rally is ‘Rethink Abortion’, as the government is obliged to have a review of the abortion legislation this year.


The organisers have said:

As you know, the first review of the Abortion Act is taking place this year and the Rally is a key action in reminding the government and the public of the horrific outcomes of the abortion legislation.

Join us to be a voice for the 6,500 babies being killed by abortion every year. For the mothers brutalised by a system that tells them to flush the bodies of their aborted babies down the toilet. 

Stand for Life – for the families of babies with disabilities who are being pressured to abort their beautiful children. For the pro-life doctors and nurses fighting for conscience rights. To make the truth known about horrific late-term abortions. 

To demand that the 3 day period of reflection before abortion, which saved almost 900 babies in a year is retained.  

To wake the conscience of a nation and urge them to Rethink Abortion.

But its also a day for the national pro-life movement to be re-energised and strengthened by coming together for Life! Together we will rebuild this broken culture. 

The organisers have also said:

It’s so heartbreaking to see that at least 21,000 abortions have already taken place, and that late-term abortions are happening in Ireland. Now we are seeing that abortion campaigners want to broaden the law even further by pushing the government to get rid of the three-day waiting period and attacking the conscience rights of pro-life doctors.

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Catholic Arena