Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is pushing a credit card that will track your carbon consumption and cut you off when you have “used up all your carbon credits.”

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Doconomy is a credit card endorsed by the left-wing authoritarians at the World Economic Forum that tracks the “environmental impact” of everything you buy (including food) and refuses to let you purchase items when you are deemed to be a net polluter.

Never mind if you have a family at home and you need to put food on the table. The World Economic Forum will track you and cut you off from your hard-earned money if you have been a bad person and used too many carbon credits this week

Mastercard has gone full woke and will “team up” with Doconomy, as announced on Twitter.

If you and your family eat meat, you probably shouldn’t even consider this credit card:

Welcome to the “Great Reset” in the world of finance

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