A number of motorists on social media say that they’ve already started to carpool to get to work or even social events because of the outlandish prices they’re seeing at filling stations.

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The government appear to be turning a blind eye to the problem with some saying that it doesn’t affect them because they’re all on massive wages.

The Russian/Ukrainian conflict may be part of the reason as to rising fuel costs, but the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan is receiving much criticism too for people seeing up to €2:20 at fuel pumps for diesel.

Hard-pressed motorists are facing massive price hikes at the pumps, courtesy of the minority Green Party.

Eamon Ryan’s focus on recently raising the carbon tax by €7.50 per tonne will translate into more misery piled onto car users, who are already paying extortionate insurance premiums.

Home heating fuels have gone up again since May 2022.

Many people on social media have been commenting that they’re seeing massive prices at garages around the country since the Budget passed.

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