If you go to a fitness center or take care of your body in any way – for example, through sports or hiking you will be considered an extremist – unless you are Ukrainian or an illegal Muslim migrant.


According to the German media outlet Report 24, in the future, citizens will probably have to look like Claudia Roth or Ricarda Lang to avoid suspicion and investigation from state security. Left-wing MSNBC recently featured a headline: “The Far Right’s Fitness Obsession Goes Digital.” This pattern of attack category is the latest American media smear campaign to target anyone who is not a leftist. Many Europeans now fear this newest scheme by Globalists to target conservatives will undoubtedly spill over to Europe.

The increasingly expensive “fight against the right” is, in truth, an ideological campaign of destruction against people and opinions that do not want to submit to the worldwide dominance of the left. According to the simple method, whoever is not “left” is considered “right.” People who adhere to leftist ideology usually believe only their beliefs should be part of society. Therefore, any kind of professional or physical beliefs other than their own is not tolerated and considered a threat.

Now the left has launched its newest attack, according to the major US news broadcaster MSNBC, which considers “Fitness” only for right-wing extremists. In one of their latest articles, they claimed: “White supremacists’ latest plan to elevate violence and hypermasculinity has gone digital.”

And this is how the physically disadvantaged and not-so-pretty leftists and left-wing extremists imagine the world:

Initially lured with health tips and strategies for making positive physical changes, new recruits are later invited to closed chat groups where far-right content is shared.


Researchers who have analyzed “fascist fitness” have found this on the terrible right-wing platform Telegram. This broad media campaign again focuses on the British Guardian, where we learn: “‘Fascist Fitness’: How the Far Right is Recruiting with Online Gym Groups.”

It is questionable whether the darlings of the extreme left, the millions of mostly illegally imported new citizens, share this opinion. Because body obsession and working out are considered normal and essential among immigrants, there is hardly a man there who does not frequent fitness centers and martial arts clubs, at least at a young age. Are these people now included in the lefts campaign, or are they excluded?

The Guardian states that:

Ben Elley, a researcher, said that members of far-right self-improvement groups believed that through physical strength they could help save the white race from destruction. He added that self-improvement “becomes part of a just Manichaean struggle and severely skews the balance of input and reward that might ordinarily be expected.”

On the other hand, since the end of February, the left-wing media mainstream has forced us to welcome the war in Ukraine, but only if we side with the Ukrainians. They are allowed to emphasize race and nation, fight a war of independence, and cannot own enough assault rifles – and whether they wave Nazi flags or have tattoos on their bodies is not important to the left. It is obvious that one should be fit to wage war. But just as the obligatory copy of “Mein Kampf” in Ukrainian military bases is not considered “extremist,” Ukrainian fitness and homeland defense are not extremist either. However, MSNBC linked “Mein Kampf” to those who enjoy fitness:

In Mein Kampf, Hitler focused on boxing and jiu-jitsu, believing they could help him raise an army of millions whose aggressive minds and impeccably trained bodies, combined with “fanatical love of the fatherland,” were more for the German nation would do than any other “mediocre” tactical weapons training.

So please, dear readers, remember this: If you are German, Swiss, or Austrian, then you suspect National Socialism and Fascism if you go to a fitness center or take care of your body in any other way – for example, through sports or hiking. Unless they are Ukrainian. Then that’s OK.

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