An elected representative within the European parliament has slammed an illegal migrant amnesty operated by Ireland’s open borders Prime Minister.

Breitbart –

A near-mass amnesty for illegal migrants living in Ireland appears to have become a topic for discussion within the European Union, with the Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin being grilled on his involvement in the scheme during his visit to Strasbourg on Wednesday.

The amnesty — which will seemingly enable some illegal migrants with criminal records to eventually gain Irish and European citizenship — comes as Ireland’s open borders government also takes in thousands of migrants and refugees from Ukraine and beyond, despite the pressures such mass immigration is putting on critical infrastructure.

Having already earned the ire of some local commentators, Martin now appears to be drawing flack from those within the European Union, with MEP for the ECR group and Sweden Democrats, Charlie Weimers, criticising the illegal alien amnesty as something that will only add to Europe’s mass migration problem.

“Experience shows that amnesties always result in increased migration flows. An Irish amnesty will therefore be a pull factor,” Weimers told Breitbart Europe, having previously emphasised that 500 million people have expressed a desire to enter Europe.

“Ireland will be impacted most by the increased pull effect, but it will spillover into the rest of Europe as migrants get stuck on the way to the new Irish migration Mecca,” he continued.

“The Irish only need cast an eye towards Sweden to see the results of irresponsible migration policies,” the MEP went on to say. “We have had a dramatic increase in crimes such as shootings, bombings, murder, gang rapes and benefits fraud as well as falling social cohesion due to cultural conflicts.”

Weimers also raised the point in his question to the Irish Prime Minister that “no one seems to know” how many illegal migrants will be eligible for Ireland’s near-mass amnesty as it currently exists.

This is seemingly in reference to the research published by Gript Media which suggests that idea that there are around 17,000 illegal migrants eligible for the scheme in Ireland — a figure frequently referenced by the Irish government and left-leaning local media — is highly questionable.

While government sources have cited the figure as originating from the NGO Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland, further investigation revealed that the non-profit did not provide the publication with the original source for the figure, despite saying that they would “get back” to them.

What’s more, when asked about the study, those from the charity reportedly could not even recall the study in question’s name.

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