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Anyone that has been reading ANP for long enough knows that when it comes to modern day toxic feminism, I have no patience, nor tolerance for it, or those that screech the loudest after looking for anything to take offense to. Then they complain and whine about it, while playing the victim card when people call them out on it.

Another thing I despise about modern day feminism, is the inability to take a joke. They can scream and yell about men and “masculinity” being toxic, think their own “man-jokes” are hilarious, but heaven forbid a man tells a joke about women, and all hell breaks loose.

What makes the pitiful story below so pathetic, is it played out publicly on social media and involved multiple Washington Post employees.

Keep that in mind as you listen to the tale that should be a Babylon Bee or an Onion satirical article, yet it really happened and has earned a male Washington Post writer a month suspension without pay, for a tweet someone else wrote, but he dared to “retweet” it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of said male Wapo writer, but to be suspended over a retweet because some loud, obnoxious feminist goes postal on you….well, something is seriously wrong here.

Some find it funny, I laughed, and some don’t. It all depends on your sense of humor.

Questions: Is it worth five days of feminists going postal over it? Five days of harassment by an online mob of Feminazis she sent after someone that retweeted it? Five days of drama from people who think they should be taken seriously enough to believe the “news” they claim to report? Five days, and counting,  of playing the victim card?

The Twitter bully and toxic feminist that started this whole “As the stomach turns” soap opera, is Felicia Somnez, whom I have never heard of until now, and the poor sap that found the joke funny enough to retweet is David Weigel.

Here are the Twitchy headlines that tell the story: (They have been watching with the same “What the hell is going on in the world today” attitude that I have)

WaPo’s Dave Weigel apologizes for retweeting ‘an offensive joke’ about women

ESCALATION: WaPo journo Felicia Sonmez says executive editor Sally Buzbee’s letter has led to ‘*more* harassment’

Slow CLAP (lol!): Glenn Greenwald recaps WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz and Felicia Sonmezes’ Twitter drama AND insanity in brutally hilarious thread

Report: Washington Post suspends Dave Weigel without pay for retweeting offensive joke

OMG, she’s still going: Twitter bully Felicia Sonmez targets ANOTHER WaPo journo because he called for kindness and professionalism

These are the children that appear to now control one of the biggest newspapers in America, and I truly suggest you read those links, to see the harassment Somnez perpetrated on Weigel, and now yet another male Wapo journalist that dared call her out on her own harassment.

Poor victim Felicia thinks that is an “attack” against her.

Seriously you have to read them all to understand her self-righteous insistence that her continued harassment against Weigel, and now Del Real is some kind of “principle” instead of just being a toxic feminist attention whore.

All over a joke that Weigel didn’t even tell, only retweeted. One which wouldn’t have been noticed by many at all until she made a big deal over it and caused internal strife for more than five days, and is continuing on for another day to attack Del Real for calling out her own “cruelty.” 


The fact that Washington Post actually suspended Weigel for doing nothing more than retweeting someone elses joke, is yet another red flag as to the state of the media today.

Think about it: Poor “victim” Felicia publicly harasses multiple male colleagues, tries to humiliate them for daring to have a sense of humor, whines, complains, goes postal on anyone that dares call her out on her own toxic behavior of looking for something to be offended about so she can attack someone else publicly, and Wapo suspends him rather than her?

Toxic feminists allowed to get away with pretty much anything they want, seem to be the rule and not the exception at Washington Post, as Taylor Lorenz is evidence of.

Long story short, she wrote a piece on social media influencers making money off the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, and lied about trying to content some of the social media influencers. They called her out online. Wapo stealth edited the piece to fix it but didn’t remove the lies. They got called out. Wapo then added a correction, which continued to lie. Then added an editors note. 

To make matters worse, after days of Wapo trying to cover for her, she then claimed her editor added the entire portion with the lie. 

This is the same woman that publicly cried because she was criticized by Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlosn for targeting Twitter account Libs of Tik tok owner, like a woman cannot be criticized without it being sexist, then claimed she has PTSD from the online harassment.

Then she blamed MSNBC for further online “harassment” even though she was the one that wanted to be “the story” rather than a reporter, and she was the one that broke down with her crocodile tears.

Here are some of the antics of “victim” Lorenz, reported by Twitter recently.

Content creators bust Taylor Lorenz for lying about them in her WaPo piece about Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial

On a roll: Taylor Lorenz peddles bald-faced lie about Johnny Depp’s ‘core claim’ in defamation trial against Amber Heard

Washington Post adds a pretty harsh correction to Taylor Lorenz’s article on the Depp-Heard trial

Good thing we took a screenshot: The Washington Post just totally changed its correction of Taylor Lorenz’s Depp-Heard article; Update

Internet influencer mentioned in Taylor Lorenz’s Depp-Heard story says, ‘Please stop lying and take the L’

You KNOW it’s bad when even CNN’s Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter seem to have had enough of ‘bad faith victim’ Taylor Lorenz’s crap

Slow CLAP (lol!): Glenn Greenwald recaps WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz and Felicia Sonmezes’ Twitter drama AND insanity in brutally hilarious thread

‘Karma’s only a b*tch when you are FIRST’: Taylor Lorenz mocked for UPPING her poor-me-but-LOOK-AT-ME game and protecting her tweets

This is the state of the media today. 

They will protect these little Feminazis who outright lie, harass, send online mobs after men they have targeted, attack their own colleagues publicly, and it is the poor schmuck that dared find a joke funny enough to retweet it that gets suspended without pay for a month.

The CEO of Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon, made a public offer to David Weigel:

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