The Irish Inquiry –

Ruth Coppinger claims to fight oppression. Why then did Ruth support harmful and pointless lockdowns that wreaked havoc on the economy and regular people? So much for working class rights. Why did she support that which saw an unprecedented rise in domestic violence? So much for women’s rights. Why did she ignore the discrimination of those who suffered as a result of refusing the jabs? Most if whom were foreign nationals – that she supposedly supports. So much for my body my choice. The Socialists supported a v@cc1n@ti0n programme which saw to it that huge global corporations benefitted from astronomical profits. So much for being against capitalist greed. Why are they calling regular people ‘far right’, while conducting themselves in such an oppressive way, shutting down and censoring free speech and debate using extreme tactics to do so. Why are they acting so puritanical, almost like religious zealots while claiming to be against this kind of control. Does Ruth serve her community? Or just serve her own interests? Paradoxically she acts in a domineering patriarchal type fashion in order to get community members to toe the line.