This column will discuss the Supreme Court’s reality-rejecting abortion jurisprudence that authorizes medical professionals (scientists who know exactly when life begins) to kill living human beings when asked to do so by pregnant mothers wanting to kill their own children based merely upon their subjective feelings.

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Should a woman have a “right to choose” if she wants to be a mother after becoming pregnant? or

Is a pregnant woman scientifically a mother with a sacred, moral obligation to nurture the living child within her?

1. It is a scientific fact that all human life begins at the beginning — at the moment of conception/fertilization. Where else? And because all human life begins at conception/fertilization…

2. It is a scientific fact that motherhood and fatherhood also begin at the beginning — at conception/fertilization. Therefore, any pregnant woman seeking and getting an abortion is, by simple logic and by scientific fact, a mother. And that is true even after she commits an abortion-homicide against her own child!

While it may be tempting to say that such a person doesn’t deserve the title of “mother,” and while it is technically accurate to describe such a person simply as a “woman,” the intent of using that description is to evade the truth that she is the mother of the child she has killed or is about to kill. It is a dishonest, guilt-evading euphemism that inferentially but clearly admits the knowledge of the heinous act being committed.

Those using such deceptive language argue that “a woman” has “a choice.” The truth that exposes this lie is that that woman, a mother, does not have a choice — she has a sacred obligation to God and to her child to love and nurture him or her to birth and beyond.

Even if our mothers and fathers want to kill us, and even if they are successful in doing so, honesty demands that they should still be referred to as “mother” and “father” both to reinforce the scientific fact of our humanity and to reinforce the truth that they have violated the most sacred, God-ordained relationship between any two human beings: that between mother and child, and that between father and child.

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